This location is my 'go-to' overnight stopping point between my home in the Hill Country west of Austin and my land outside of Big Bend NP. It is almost always clean (by the same folks to take care of the nearby Rest Areas on I-10). It is also very quiet. On a typical weeknight, there might be less than a half-dozen cars passing by on the nearby road (TX 290), with slightly more on the weekend.
It is, in reality, one long, paved parking lot with a view. There is a high, chain-link fence on the uphill side that separates the area from the nearby ranch property. The downhill side is protected by a cliff that drops sharply to the road below, which descends on a shelf down to the Pecos River valley below. There are 4 covered, concrete picnic tables, each with a grill and a trash can. These are spaced out nicely, leaving room to park several rigs between. Verizon service is 2 bars 4G LTE.

Blog: GoNativeOverland

Place: Fort Lancaster Scenic Overlook Pic Nic Area

Visited: November 29th, 2020

Location: 30.678309, -101.672916