Dusty and dry with very little shade but great views and behind a secure fence. It cost us $25 each entrance plus $40 each to camp, plus $10 each to use the road in. The pools are really cold but refreshing on a hot day. The men's toilet was left open overnight for us. The place has some nice looking rooms and a pool but they seem run down and not are not in use, although some of the sinks still have running water. We met some French people in a camper that just slept outside the gate in order to avoid the camping fee. You can buy basic cooked food and fruit there. The walk down to below the falls is worth doing, although they may try and make you pay for a guide. No wifi.

Blog: Janet and Scott's motorcycle diary

Place: Hierve el Agua

Visited: December 16th, 2015

Location: 16.866852, -96.276503