We crossed the border on Monday, March 1. Everyone was very friendly. They asked for our Covid test before starting the immigration process. It was a woman sitting at a little white table, she takes your temperature and accepts a copy of your negative COVID test then gives you a piece of paper with your temperature written on it and you go to immigrations. After immigrations you go to get the TIP across the lot. I believe it was $26 for 90 days. You have to pay in cash. If you don’t have cash you can exchange currency across the street. They did 7.20q per USD. You can always make copies across the street. They searched the car a bit. They didn’t take away any of our food and searched our duffel bags pretty intensely, but all was good! Very pleasant border crossing experience. Must have taken an hour total once we left Mexico. They also fumigate your car and give you a certificate before you do the Covid check. Safe travels!


Place: Tecún Umán Border Post

Visited: March 6th, 2021

Location: 14.67496, -92.14214


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