The water side of this road is under conatruction from the about the Lenwood Blvd intersection west. It was packed until about 4:30 pm and we were able to park our 24 ft RV. I would recommend parking closer to the Park but it can be hard to find a spot. It was a beautiful night and sunset. No problem all night, police patrol throughout the night. There were two other smaller RV's and a camper van that spent the night other than that it was fulls of cars. The street sweeper came through during the middle of the night and then we were woken up by a landscape crews leaf blower around 8am. But other than that no problema got in around 5pm left at 9 am the next morning.

PLEASE PLEASE be respectful when you are here especially if you parked across from houses. This place is so awesome I would hate to see it removed. Also to get to this spot becareful which roads you choose because there might be some dead ends or really small streets.

Blog: sophienagel

Place: Murray Blvd-Ashley River Charleston SC

Visited: April 21st, 2021

Location: 32.769607, -79.935077