This is a great camping spot. It's right on the beach with palapas, hammocks, kitchen, electricity, clean cold showers (which feel good after being in the sun), clean flush toilets, tables to visit and eat at, wifi, and great host.
I really enjoyed listening to Don and Anna's stories. They've had a very interesting life and I'm glad they shared some of it with me.
I hit a tope and it put a hole in my Propane tank. I asked if there was a welder that could fix it and he new just the guy. I pulled out the tank and Don took me and the tank to the welder and the next day it was finished. Perfect.
I will definitely stay here again.

Blog: SirGoes-A-Lot

Place: Overlander Beach Campsite “Don Taco”.


Location: 15.69041, -96.23703


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