As described 15sol per night. regarding the walk to aguas caliente, when you get to the train tracks there will be a bunch of shops, follow the tracks and just after the shops stop,on the right, there will be some stairs with a sign post. the sign post is missing a sign which would have read 'aguas caliente this way' go up the stairs and there should be another sign just after the building at the top. the stairs will take you to the top of the train line switchbacks. there are heaps of signs. when you get to the train bridge look up and you will see macchu picchu. between hydro and the train bridge it is possible to see the inca bridge on the rock face. you will have to be super human to see it on the way in but after you have seen it up close you should be able to find it from the train tracks. we took the bus up the hill, and walked back. this was a good idea because there is a lot to see up the top. remember bring your passport and tickets can only be bought from aguas caliente.


Place: Parking at Hydroelectrica

Visited: November 1st, 2016

Location: -13.173343, -72.565449