Great location to spend the night while traveling through West Texas. Totally worth the 8 mile detour off I-10. We arrived well after dark with no issues. Road is good and paved the whole way. We did keep eye out for deer because of the warnings in other posts and we did see about 3 deer but they were all on the side of the road. We also saw a bunny but no sheep. We woke up to a marvelous view in the morning! We ate breakfast at one of the picnic tables. There were two other vehicles parked for the night. We went to the fort in the morning which is good if you are very interested in Texas history. They charge $4 per adult at the historic site but you can get in free for veterans or active military.

Blog: Gira Bhakta

Place: Fort Lancaster Scenic Overlook Pic Nic Area

Visited: July 22nd, 2021

Location: 30.678309, -101.672916