Nice place to stay to visit the Copán ruins and the village Copán Ruinas (nice restaurants and coffee shops). They increased the price to 200L per car per night, which I still think is ok. They will give you a room key if you ask for a shower.

Laundry is super expensive though, paid 450L for 2 bags (washed and dried, not folded, Just dumped into the bag). Probably 50L per lb now.

Quiet at night, unless the gardener starts his leave blower at 7am...

Wifi is good, didn't find power sockets near the parking area though. Shade, so no sun to charge with solar. Toilets are clean. Unsure if the restaurant was open, they did serve some breakfast to hotel guests. Pet friendly, our cat was warmly welcomed even if he kept running through the lobby.

Blog: someunexpectedjourneys

Place: El Bosque Hotel and Overlander Camp

Visited: October 14th, 2021

Location: 14.83431, -89.15512


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