What a pain.

i arrived at 8 am and was the first in the office, from Leon I woke up at 4am just for that.

they tell me to come back Tuesday (4 days layer), I explain how annoying and painful that is to me and they tell me to come back at 3.

of course, at 3, nothing is done and they tell me to come back next week. So here am I in the bus back to Leon after having wasted my whole day in the giant shithole that Managua is, with the burden of having to come back.

Nicaraguyan bureaucracy so far has been a real pain in the ass to me compared to many other LATAM countries.

Blog: louis.ligaulthurel

Place: DGA Nica

Visited: January 21st, 2022

Location: 12.12633, -86.31207


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