Hmmmmm. How shall I put this? We were charged 500 PESOS per night for 2 in a camper. Arriving at 5pm, our small parking spot was littered with trash ( literally 8 large garbage bags full) which the owner saw as being in the way of the parking spot...we removed. The generator to run the place was 1 meter away from the RV, which the owner assured us would be off at 6pm ("promptly 1 hour after arrival). By 8pm it was still running, despite asking the owner to switch it off, to which I received a compassionless "15 more minutes". The drain from the toilets (charging 20 PESOS per use) was leaking above ground and over the camp ground, smelling up the place, and to top off a fantastic experience, we were told to get off the beach, because it was only for private cabana users. Not sure what other Overlanders saw in this spot, but good luck to the next folks.

Blog: linelllottering

Place: El Ăšltimo Maya

Visited: January 4th, 2017

Location: 20.101015, -87.474077