Beautiful beach! There are palapa huts you can park by as it is quite windy here. You can follow a path to a couple of other beaches and there's a small island you can walk to when the tide is out. There are very rustic outhouses and someone comes by in the mornings selling baked goods and fish ect... Cost is 100 pesos per night to a guy who lives on site and keeps the place clean. We met a lot of great people at this spot and would have liked to stay longer. Unfortunately we decided to move on due to a group of snowbirds in giant RVs at one end of the beach. They were extremely arrogant and rude and had obviously decided that this was their beach and they didn't want anyone else there. Every night and some mornings they would run loud smelly generators for hours at a time without any consideration of their neighbours. When we asked how much longer they were going to be running there machines they were dismissive and rude. But hey, I guess being at a beautiful and remote beach isn't good enough for some people - you still gotta have your microwave and your blueray player.... So camp away from the big rigs!

Blog: PaulKristaRufus

Place: Playa El Requeson

Visited: February 2nd, 2015

Location: 26.634470, -111.832100