Got here on Christmas Day and parked without any issues in a 32 foot class a motorhome. Charge was 150 pesos per night because this is a "big vehicle"

Mex-120 getting up here was tight and winding, but in good condition. Lots of secret speed bumps in small towns so best to take it easy on the speed in built up areas.

The road coming in from Mex-120 on the low side of Xilitla was spirited; lots of two way traffic on rough gravel. People are good about sharing the road and pedestrians even helped out with directing traffic on a blind corner. I expect the road coming the other direction from Xilitla is probably in similar shape.

Google maps brought me right here (with a search for finca Santa Monica), but you're looking for the los Posas road sign an immediate turn onto the gravel road leading up here.

The finca itself is great. I was given a parking spot on the driveway, and as others had mentioned it's sloping but a few blocks under my front tyres got me reasonably level.

There are indeed toilets and showers (the suicide variety someone else mentioned is just the electric shower head heater). I haven't tried them out yet, but everything looks to be in good order.

As is common in Latin America, there is some music playing at night in the distance and people don't quiet down until later in the evening. The property itself is quiet though and the external noises weren't oppressive. I slept with my windows open and was greeted by a beautiful symphony from the jungle birds this morning.

Lots of grassy areas for tenting if you like too!

Blog: subscript7

Place: Finca Santa Monica

Visited: December 26th, 2016

Location: 21.392730, -98.996297