Very nice but tricky driveway. Broke a leaf spring going up. Others with underpowered vans had a difficult time getting up. Big-rig friendly for unibody only and under 5.5 tonnes, 4x4 recommended for larger rigs (not trailer friendly).
I stayed 2 weeks while waiting for parts to arrive. Was a very nice place and I struck a deal for $50usd/week WITH electricity, but the power was unreliable. Pool closed indefinitely. Very hot day and night.
The owner, Walter, is very accommodating and his friend Joe that lives on site is also very nice and helpful when Walter isn't around. Walter's wife however does not seem to like having campers as she treats them very poorly compared to the hotel guests... even though they seem to host as many campers if not more.
Great location to stay prior to heading to Panama border. Golfito has some nice restaurants and lookout points.


Place: Purruja Lodge (NO CAMPING)

Visited: February 27th, 2017

Location: 8.602603, -83.109652