The only camping in Salta. Looks like every municipal campings but this one is a bit more run down.
The men's showers are smelly and ugly, women's showers are much better so I went there although the woman from the admin was not happy with that. At least hot water.
And there is a huge gypsy family living in tends and in a kiosco. Many children and everyone (including parents) is shouting from one side of the camping to the other. Even at night. This family is soooo annoying. Poor is one thing but disgusting is another thing.
Not a camping I would recommend but there is no other option and Salta is nice.
Get a place far away from the family and use the banos at the end of the camping. Even if there is no internet.


Place: Camping Municipal Carlos Xamena

Visited: April 27th, 2017

Location: -24.812635, -65.419315