Long-term vehicle parking and storage option.

La Amistad offers about 40 covered parking spaces (high vehicles won't fit) and open field parking in a large, enclosed space.

I stored my truck here for 10 months, under the covered parking for 40.000 pesos per month.

There is an electrical shop beside the parking lot who were able to give me a jump when I returned to the truck (since nobody would give me a jump in the parking lot).

They have cameras on the premises, and I was very happy to get back to my truck and see that everything was just as I left it, no problems. The parking lot is a short walk from the bus terminal in Ipiales.

Ipiales is sort of the no-man's land between the borders, so it is possible to turn in your temporary import permit to the DIAN, flip a U-Turn back into Ipiales and park for the long-term.

We traveled from Cartagena, and turned the paperwork in at the Ipiales border before turning around and parking lot. Upon returning to the truck we will finish the rest of South America.

This strategy works for south-bound travel at the least, but I'm sure you could also make it work for north bound travel. Perhaps by getting the TIP at the border, then going to park the vehicle, and turning in the TIP at the border again.

Blog: Desk to Dirtbag

Place: Long Term Parking - Parqueadero La Amistad

Visited: May 18th, 2017

Location: 0.825760, -77.629930