This is ideal for ground tents and could even get in a few roof-top tents or truck campers on the roughly improved "new" driveway. But we wanted electrical and AC so we ended up with our truck camper in the driveway to the main house. No water, no sewer, but an extension cord to the house.
The grassy field has many level spots. A community palapa (that someone pitched a tent in) decent shade, toilets and showers.
We paid $200p for two people and a truck camper to be able to have electric for our AC (it was 102* in May and 87% humidity) If we were willing to be unplugged the price would have been less. This would be a bit challenging for anything longer than our truck. But the owner will try to squeeze you in anywhere in order to keep your business.

Blog: It's not a slow car, it's a fast house

Place: Finca Santa Monica

Visited: May 18th, 2017

Location: 21.392936, -98.996361