Super easy, here's a breakdown of process:
1) Park at DGA but go directly next door (out gate turn left to Bancentro- Green Bank). Ask to pay codigo 040 Renovación certifica de turismo de vehículos - $1per day max 30 days. Get receipt, leave bank.

2) Walk back past DGA to traffic light, cross side street , next to chicken shop, copy shop grill (red writing, green grill). Make one copy, 2 Cordobas per copy.

3) Go back to DGA, get ticket for their Caja (blue chairs) queue. Look for computer screens to print ticket for queue (on your left upon entering building).

4) Give clerk:
Old permit
Bank Receipt & copy (they keep both)

They give you a cash register style receipt. (This is proof of permit till collection if pulled over by the police)

5) Go back next day. We explained we were due to drive many miles away, they agreed to complete same day, but it could mean lots of waiting around. We waited 2.5hrs and just made some lunch in parking lot. Up to you.

Enjoy the A/C in the building!!

6) Go get car insurance.

Blog: slowlaneadventures

Place: DGA Nica

Visited: May 25th, 2017

Location: 12.15112, -86.23312


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