We drove here with our car, without any arrangements. In Pacchanta are plenty of hostals (I believe 15 sol per person) but we preferred to sleep in our car and paid 5 Sol per person to use the bathroom of hostal José Luis. There are at least 2 shops in this tiny town, but do not count on vegetables and fruit. Make sure you stock up in Tinki. Ah and there is even a tiny restaurant! The road to Pacchanta is a good dirt road; there is only one tricky part which is pretty bumpy and rocky but the local taxis drive this road as well so I guess any car will manage. There is a nice hike to the 7 lagunas, which can also be done by horse (the horse owners will approach you soon enough to offer ;)). We paid 35 sol per horse and 35 for the guide, for a 4 hour trek. Great thing about this town is that you can enjoy the hot hot springs at the end of the day for 5 sol.

Blog: haasencotravels

Place: Pachanta- Trek Ausangate

Visited: July 20th, 2017

Location: -13.717652, -71.242281