Price was 200MX for a car/tent camping for 2 of us. Road not long annid easy to maneuver through with our 2WD sedan car. Like others said, yes abundant fruits you can pick and beautiful flowers and birds. We were given a spot next to washing station and bathrooms/ showers. It also included a small fridge. There was cleaning bottles by the sink and wrapper in the sink. Bag of dog food on floor by wash station, CD and empty cigarette box left at the site. Once the lights dimmed so many night insects including huge cockroaches around property and inside fridge. The place looked like nice but cockroaches and questions of cleanliness will keep me from returning. Though I've heard from gringo locals and friends whom traveled to hot humid countries, cockroaches are common as they like to live in the leaves of the trees.Staff was super nice and other guests.

Blog: TheTravelingYogiRN

Place: Huerta Don Chano RV Park

Visited: July 20th, 2017

Location: 26.898739, -111.974276