This place is good for one night. Based on reviews we anticipated something else. We paid 120 for two people and a dog connected to electricity with use of bathrooms. Toilet closing hours is fine by us, we are sleeping by then, but toilets not open tell 7am was a problem for us. Thankfully after wandering the property I found on open restroom! No shower! ! Based on reviews we planned to stay 3 or more nights, but after arriving decided one would be enough.
During the rain it's a muddy mess, no shower to use, closed bathrooms, in general I don't like using reception area bathrooms. I feel wierd when I have to say hi to someone every time I need to pee, the noise from the road is really load.
I still think it's a good spot for a night to check out ruins and the town. I would stay here again, but not the longer stays others did.

Blog: travelingtogether814

Place: El Bosque Hotel and Overlander Camp

Visited: September 12th, 2017

Location: 14.83483, -89.15388


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