I wanted to tentcamp here, but it is not possible to pitch a tent at the guys parking lot. You can not drive a nail into the concrete ground. There are possibilities to pitch a tent down by the Restaurant or further down, but the ground did not look good. Very little grass. And there were a lot of these noseeems biting flies. They would have spoiled my hole evening and night. So I went back to Santa Teresa and took a Hotel. The guy wanted 30 Sol for 2 nights, but would have settled for 20. He dose not care how many people you are or if you want to camp. He just charges for parking. The Hotel option in Santa Teresa worked better for me and I parked my car the next day for 10 Sol to do Machu Picchu. I could not find any Hotel in Santa Teresa that offers secure Carpark. You have to park your car on the street, but it is safe to do so.

Blog: globalcatsailer66

Place: Parking at Hydroelectrica

Visited: September 10th, 2017

Location: -13.173983, -72.565067