Beautiful place and view.BUT the road to there destroyed our van breaks and to get out you Must do it on weekend days if you want to take the other road less destroyed but more dangerous (armed robberies) . Not recommended for rvs because you Park un the grass that turns to mod when rains (we nedded 20 people to push our van to get out) also it wasnt level, so we loose food and the power energy wasnt as strong as to get our airconditioning work. we recommend it for staying in the houses (they look Beautiful) or tents, but not confortable for RV. Good and helpfull staff, but needs work ti make it good for rvs. we stayed with a class b van econoline convertion. Good showers and bathroom. Also Nice commun áreas. For us didnt worth what we has to invest latter un fixing the brakes with wich we had to continue Till Nicaragua where we found a decent mechanic workshop listened in this app..

Blog: stefinicoandchico

Place: Pasaj cap - Lago Atitlan

Visited: September 22nd, 2017

Location: 14.723190, -91.250020