Awesome camping! Really the best one we've visited in a while. Super clean place, you can see there's much of love put in this place. Private camping space between several fruit trees (papaya's, banana's, oranges). Clean hot shower, clean toilet, really nice owners and security all day/night. Loved it! Stayed 3 nights. Place is 200 pesos per night but well worth it! Close to beach and (small) village. Grab groceries at Leh (big supermarkt) at San Rosalia if you're coming from north.

Nice English speaking car mechanic(s) - first car shop at your right when heading in to town - named Daniel Buckabecks (something like that) if you wanna do a check upon your car. We just did a tire fix.


Place: Huerta Don Chano RV Park

Visited: November 9th, 2017

Location: 26.898205, -111.974047