Okaukuejo Fuel Station | Fuel Station



5 months ago
1123.0 masl


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Fuel station with diesel and petrol. Credit card payment was not possible, so bring cash.


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Card machine offline, but would fill up outside the park anyway as prices always slightly cheaper outside anyway. Had tire pressure adjusted - no expected charge as per usual.

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All fuel available. Paid ND16,33 for 50ppm diesel. Credit card (VISA) machine offline. Cash only.

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Petrol station with friendly staff. Could adjust my tyre pressure free if charge. unfortunately, they did not accept credit cards (although there is a big VISA sticker at their door), therefore I had to move on to the next gas station.

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it's frequently out of fuel so bring your jerry cans full if you want to be sure to drive through Etosha without worries. The lady said they will get more fuel on Friday (today is Tuesday!!!).

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Petrol station with diesel and benzin for normal price, credit card payment was not possible "today" :-) so bring cash

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