Playa Santispac | Established Campground



Last Visited: 4 months ago
GPS: 26.763983, -111.887964
Altitude: 0.0 masl
Place Website:


Electricity: No
Wifi: No
Kitchen: No
Restaurant: Yes
Showers: No
Water: Non-Potable
Toilets: Pit Toilets
Big Rig Friendly: Yes
Tent Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes
Sanitation Dump Station: Yes

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200 peso per night for vehicle, may be less for tent campers
No Internet or cell phone signal

Watch out for the sand fleas in October and November here, you won't notice the bites until you have tons of them. The facilities are minimal, but in this place, it's all about the beach. They had toilets but no water.

Cold showers are available for a minimal fee.

Dump point is up track just to the north of the smaller restaurant.

There's a restaurant and a beach bar. Anna’s restaurant was closed.Lots of older snowbirds and overlanders. Usually very crowded in the high season so if you like peace and quiet, find another place.


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We have stayed at Playa Santispac at least seven times between our Baja trips in 2020 and 2021. We really love it and think it is an amazing beach if you have small kids. We’ve never noticed any sand fleas, but will attest that is can get very windy and crowded at times. One of the best things about this location is the sanitation dump which is included in your stay. It is hard to find decent dumps in Baja, especially for smaller chemical toilets. We have no problem paying the $200 MX per night to enjoy this beautiful area.

Not a fan of this beach. We arrived mostly hoping for the shower and settled for a refreshing ocean bath. Showers are in complete disuse and don’t seem to work. Everyone who has commented on everything else is pretty spot-on. Hot springs were hard to find. We didn’t search for the tide-dependent springs, but the ones described as near the mouth of the bay were much further in than we thought. On our way out, we found out the inland hot spring wasn’t on the bay at all. If you drive toward the mangroves and continue past them, you’ll find a circular pool. This is one of the hot springs

Lovely shallow bay, half of which has palapas. Run by a “cooperación” which keeps the beach clean. 200 pesos per day for a palapa. Watch out for the kid who will ask you for your cuota (200 pesos) without a receipt! The real person collecting will give you a receipt.

There are vendors who sell various souvenirs as well as those who rent kayaks, boat rides, etc.

2 restaurants - Armando’s and Ana’s. We ate at Armando’s. It was delicious and the portions were huge.

Plumbed toilets behind Armando’s, but don’t expect much....

We didn’t ask about camping because we’re staying somewhere else, but the road in is excellent and we see very large RV’s can access.

No Wi-Fi (even at restaurants)

We just went to the restaurant and had a lounge on the beach. Sign said 200pesos for camping. Low tide goes really far out. Not much shade or protection from the wind but it was beautiful.

Here’s the deal, the Hotsprings around the back right hand side (west of the entrance) needs help, the camping there is all time, right on the mouth of the bay away from the palapas, now if your looking for the Hotsprings that are tide based kayak around the point and under the multi colored air Bnb’s you can find in the volcanic rocks springs in the tidal zones. These are cool but hard to time well, medium tide will work sorta. The bio luminaries were on fire when we were here and I hope you meet captain John on his row boat!

This is probably the most touristy beach on Bahia, with two large restaurants, both are pretty good but no Wi-Fi at either. lots of vendors will come by and there are a few nice little spots at the south end. the road noise is a little bad. There is a large title flat but it is still a great place to paddle/kayak/canoe from.

Stayed 1 night here. It was nice. Very windy, and the tide goes waaay down so if you are going to swim do it in the morning. The afternoon is a looong walk out there.
The guy at the restaurant (the far one) was lovely. They let us fill our wash water for free and they have great seafood! About 500 for a giant seafood plate, a beer and a strong margarita

Beautiful place at the beach. Pittoilets, Showers we didn't used. 2 Restaurants.

As described but everything is open now. We have not had any problems with sand fleas as of the first day and we have dogs. As I write this it is Tuesday, 2 pm, and there are about 20 cars and 2 motor homes. It’s quiet. The sky’s are Overcast today and the water looks very different when it’s sunny when I was here 2 weeks ago. Still beautiful.

As described, beautiful clean beach. Some road noise. Restrooms not usable. 2 restaurants to eat at.

As described. Nice beach quiet. Great view close to Mulege

Nice beach but the place is crowded with snowbirds. Loud truck (even during the night), loud people, loud dogs, no cell reception, no wifi at the Armando’s restaurant since a few months (the guy said) but the food was good. The other restaurant was closed. 200 pesos! I won’t come back again. This place sucks.

As previously described, huge sandy beach, some hwy noise, restaurant/pubs are both good with friendly staff. WIFI at Anna's is a 35 peso charge, it's a weak signal but it works in a pinch. Vendors in the mornings with fruit, veggies and seafood. Some palapas. Can be windy!

Rustic camping with no phone service. The wifi is poor and you need to use the restaurant to get wifi and they change the password regularly to keep you coming to the restaurant. Beautiful beach! Great kayaking spot. Bathrooms are awful

Spent 3 nights here and it was awesome. We will stay here again. As described.

Arrived Dec 18th, a lot of spaces available, will stay 2-3 nights @ 200 pesos per night(same price at every beach). Very quiet. Tacos are delicious at Armando’s and wifi included when buying a meal or drink.

Slept here one night, $200/night/palapa.
Crystal clear water, saw dolphin both late in the afternoon and early in the morning.
Toilets are very primitive, not the worst I’ve seen considering that there are people using them all day. They are cleaned in the morning.
There are different vendors throughout the day.
Restaurant Ana has freshly baked bread and treats every other day. Don’t miss out on la torta de platano, delicious! It also has pay showers, $35.

I fell in love with this bay as soon as I saw it from the main road.

I slept in my hammock in a palapa, charged $200. As usual, just go to the toilets if ou have an emergency. There's a barrel outside with a bucket to flush.

some restaurants and vendors on the beach, nothing to complain about on a Friday afternoon and night. music stopped at around 9pm.

crystal clear water, saw dolphins, eagles and pelicans, and the water is warm enough to enjoy.

The place is clean, lots of space. On the down side, trucks air brakes can be annoying, but the night was really quiet, just noise of the highest tide coming and crickets.

beautiful place, not crowded, so far my best day and night in Baja.

Wonderful spot! Clean sea and realy sandy beach. Everything is nice. 200$ a night and you can use pit toiletts.
Water men, fishermen, horse back riding men, boattrip men and others came along. The first bar sells drinks and has wifi. The best place on Baha so far.

I love this beach! Worth the $200 pesos per day. Stayed couple of days here with ny truck and travel trailer. The beach is beautiful, clean and excellent for families with kids

Beautiful spot for 200 pesos/night. Nobody in the office but they came looking for payment later in the night, around 7:00pm. Locals will come by to rent kayaks, or sell you hammocks and food. Two restaurants on site with WiFi, not the best food options but alright. A lot of long-term RV peeps stay here 4-6 months out of the year. They hosted karaoke night while we were there and that was a fun time.

Nice spot - better than the other beach spots nearby. Two restaurants on site. Tacos are good but not cheap. You can buy WiFi access code. Toilets are very, very bad.

Lots of snowbirds, but still an awesome place. Beautiful waters and lots of friendly people. One of my favorite places.

Stayed one night, paid 200 pesos.
It is not worth it! To expensive for what you get, which is nothing, only beach.

as described, but they charge 200 pesos per night now. They also have a free dump, it's tricky to find it so you may have to ask where it is

Yeah, we suggest moving on to another beach. There’s other options further south that are way better. Sure, it’s beautiful but so are the others.

200 pesos... for,
- After offering horseback, the Cowboy was flirting at our van. Suggested tequila later on. (See review below) We saw him awkwardly prowling young ladies at the bar later on. (Side note- the bar plays music loud at night, which can be a plus or minus, depending on your preference)
- Toilets absolutely disgusting.
- 7:22 am Anna’s decided to blare tunes so loud that if you were near the restaurant you would suffer ear damage. Audible everywhere on the beach.
- A constant barrage of vendors approached the vehicle throughout the day. (Suspiciously they began at 7:35, just after we awoke to Anna’s alarm clock - four vendors by 8 am)
- Only a few palapas available.
- Can get crowded.

Positives... it’s a beautiful bay with green blue water. After a drive down the baja I suppose one would be excited.
Just remember, just past here there are others!

Beautiful spot, way to noisy at the front.
Toilets leave something to be desired. if you keep going to the right or left, you can find quiet spots. 200 P a night.

Nov 27, Playa Santispac is pretty cool, 200 pesos a day, Armando’s is a good restaurant, the beach is very nice. Stop here, it is so worth the relaxing atmosphere toilets suck, bring a bag showers and a porta potti

Beautiful beach camping. Restaurant on site. Vendors renting kayaks etc. Perfect spot 200 pesos a night

For 200 pesos night I expected more at this beach. there are other beaches just as nice for less pesos. didn't stay here when I saw 200 pesos night.

near Playa Santispac left on the end of the Beach you can drive 2wd to the next Beach. no facilitis 150 pesos very nice. Mr. Jose

200p/night. More of a giant 5th wheel snowbird camper crowd. Not my style.

The other paid beaches nearby are more interesting

Beautiful but Now they are charging 200 pesos per night!!!

This is a GORGEOUS spot, probably one of the most scenic of all the Bahia Conception beach camping areas, therefore there are usually many visitors. It helps if all of us with big rigs park perpendicular to the beach to allow room for all who wish to stay. Sand fleas are only pesky only in early in the season, usually Oct/Nov. It is this way on all the beaches. The restaurant on the beach has great food, and tamale, fish, vegetable, non-potable fresh water, etc. vendors will sell you whatever else you need. Just beware of the cowboy offering horseback outings; my friend had an experience during which she was continuously groped inappropriately while the cowboy attempted to get her and her partner drunk on some suspiciously overly "strong" tequila. LADIES, KEEP YOURSELF SAFE AND IF YOU WANT TO RIDE, DO NOT DRINK ANYTHING OFFERED. Anyway, this beach is a splendid location for paddling sports because of proximity to numerous islands.

Good food in the restaurant. Lots of vendors selling food, water, firewood, clothes etc. Bathrooms were pretty bad. The sani dump is nonfunctional - raw sewage bubbles up out of the ground just downhill.

Nice place with nice people

100 pesos per night per vehicle. Lots of RVs. Restrooms are disgusting. You can hear the trucks breaking on the highway. The beach is awesome but the camping itself is nothing for 100 pesos... can be windy.

Stayed here for 2 nights for free, nobody came to collect the payment. One of the best beaches in Baja with white sand and turquoise colored water. Camped in a small cove all the way to the right, more secluded. Overall all the beaches in this area were packed with holiday vacationers. Great place to camp, kayak, snorkel, watch sunset and make a fire pit at night. Locals come around selling water, fresh veggies, fish and wood logs for fire pits. No bathrooms or running water but a restaurant is located on the left side of the beach. Sometimes the restaurant has a band and the noise travels down but overall pretty quiet and nice.

Just as described and well worth the stay.

large beach with easy access from road. a few palapas at one end. 150 a night with palapa or 100 a night without. crystal clear water and good snorkeling near the rocks. two dump stations just behind the beach. great little place, was told it gets very busy in the winter.

Parked at a spot on the smaller, southern beach and my neighbors - who spend half the year down here - are watching television with the volume turned up loud enough for me to hear it clearly. So much for peace and solitude.

I checked this place. Beach is beautiful but way too many people/RV's for me so went to another less crowded location.

100 pesos. 150 with palapa. Beautiful beach. Toilet is really bad (no water, dirty)

great beach but a lot of people
the restrooms are very nasty
nobody came to collect money
moved to playa escondido wich was much quieter and nice

Beautiful spot to chill out for a couple of days. 100 peso a night with older palapa (extra 50 for the nice ones).We got a spot in front of the bar, so had loud music, however it quietened down pretty early. Could not hear it further down when we went for a walk.

Vendors came to sell some food and beach items (towels, blankets etc) in the morning. Also vendors who can take you out on boats. 400-500peso for 1 hour (could probably barter for less). Also sell kayaks.

We had our paddle board, and did some paddling around the bay and islands. So nice!

Oh and they have flush toilets. They were pretty clean when we used them :)

Everything as told by others. We paid 100 pesos per night next to an open palapa. Very empty when we arrived and a caravan arrived day before we left (spent 3 days). DO use mosquito repellent: we were mercilessly eaten by mosquitos one day we forgot to put it on!!! It is just about empty if you go in April. If you go in early December it will be packed by snowbirds. Nevertheless, worth staying. We had OK food at restaurant closest to gate and the wifi experience at the other restaurant (Anna's) is mediocre at best. We bought really good tamales from beach vendor for 15 pesos each.

We are here now and loving it. 100 pesos for no palapa or one of the crappy ones, 150 for these grandiose beauty palapas. They are perfect for hammocks. Very friendly people and vendors. There's been a whale shark hanging in the bay for the past two days. There's one in Coyote's bay too. Sand fleas are out in the morning and dusk but not during the day. You can hear the traffic but if you have a couple margaritas you dont notice. Great spot.

What everyone says. People come around in the morning and sell all sorts of food. Veggies tamales etc

About 25 RVs when we visited. Tons of space regardless. 100pesos a night. There is a hot spring at the very South end, behind the mangroves. Ask one of the old guys with a beer gut and a leather-skin tan, they'll help you find it. Careful driving back, boggy and muddy. Can be loud as noise carries. Crystal clear water.

Pretty spot but very close to road. Engine braking amplifies off rock face. If you don't get a nice palapa it's basically like crowded wild camping. Too bad owner doesn't do more with the property. A shower would be great after swimming in the nice clear water of the bay! No cell signal or wifi. No power/water. Pit toilet. 100 pesos

WiFi available by the hour at the restaurant 20 peso per hour.

Beautiful bay. Palapas are spaced well enough to get good sleep. The bar had loud music until 8 or so, and everyone quieted down relatively early. Lots of overlanders and snowbirds. Bring mosquito spray.

A woman came by in the morning asking for 100 pesos. Another camper familiar with the beach from previous stays seemed to believe she wasn't legitimate because a guy usually comes for money. I asked for a recibo so she took me to her campsite and wrote one on a Playa Santispec slip of paper. It turns out her and her husband spend a few months there every year and have become friends with the guy that manages the beach, and they help collect before campers take off early to avoid paying. I wasn't asked for money again, so I guess she was legit.

There are other options down the bay, but after seeing how close the other beaches were to marshy type areas I was glad to be on the wide beach of Santispec. I can't imagine how bad the mosquitos would have been on the others.

nice location with good long beach
two bars/restaurants with good prices
cold showers for 25 pesos
nice breeze when we were here
some bugs
lovely swimming
terrible toilets

We were going to skip this place because of the reviews of sand flies but once we saw it when we rounded the corner we couldn't resist. Sand flies were only a problem around dusk. Toilets flushed but were pretty gross. Nice beach. Lady in charge was friendly, extremely kind to our neighbor a solo, female bike rider. Great snorkeling between the two islands if you kayak out. Some late night partying one night in a neighbouring palapa. A nice secluded spot at end of the beach if you prefer privacy. Thought restaurant closer to the toilet (Armando's?) was better. Great tamales sold by hawker on the beach in the mornings.

Eating at Ana's restaurant arriving after hours in the dark was no problem. Good hospitality. Park rv right at the bahia shoreline. 100 peso's a day. Got a private clam dive tour For 400 peso's

Very nice beach. Nice palapas. 100 pesos a night. Terrible restrooms. No showers. Restaurants but we didn't eat there. Caught a boat ride to the nearby island for some snorkeling and clamming.

one of the best beach, some sheid, snorkel and fishing tours for 200$/hour included the claims lunch.
toilets are dirty, but good enough for the 100$/ night.

Nice beach front camping. The facilities are rustic, so don't expect much. Two restaurants competing for your business, with decent food and OK prices. The palapas are sturdy and are hammock friendly. The beach is clean and the water nice. The only downside is the sand fleas, they are prevalent and annoying. Bring a repellant or some other form of control because they can ruin the night. 100 pesos per night, and you even get a receipt!

Nice beach camping. Everything you need (non potable water, fresh fish restaurant, other goods) are either onsite or provided by beach vendors. No wifi, running water, or electricity as stated initially. Rent a kayak or borrow one from the gringos and go snorkeling off the islands!

The ultimate snowbird community. One of the greatest and cheapest camping in Mexico for those on a low budget.

Watch out for the sand fleas here, you won't notice the bites until you have tons of them. The facilities suck, but in this place, it's all about the beach. They had toilets but no water.