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$3.50 a load in the speed queens, .50 cent dryers

Wifi as well, seems busted at the moment .


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Very, Very quiet on a Tuesday afternoon. The facilities and machines look clean and in good working order. They have several banks of standard sized top loading washing machines, a bank of front loading machines and 2 large capacity machines. The cost of the standard top loaders was $2.75, front loaders $3.00 and the large capacity is $6.00. I did not see any attendant or any signs for showers.

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Didn’t show up on Google maps but was still at the address listed in a Google search/the gos coordinates. Clean inside.

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1.75 small light wash, 2.00 medium wash, 3.50 for large triple load washers. Older dryers 1.00 for 40 mins, and newer high power ones for 25c a cycle. Relatively clean. Great a/c inside. Also used showers behind gas station. Not super clean, but 4 bucks for 10 min shower was too good a deal to pass up on a 100f day.

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We did laundry and it all went well. Clean and tidy. Friendly staff.

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Clean area. Still only $3.50 for a washer and .50 for a dryer.

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Used the laundry mat.

$2.50 for a wash (quarters only) change machine inside.

Dryer is around the same (depending on what you’re drying etc). Quarters only to.

Seating inside and free wifi

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$3.50 a load in the speed queens, .50 cent dryers

$5 showers

Wifi as well, seems busted at the moment

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