Playa Escondido | Established Campground



Last Visited: about 2 months ago
GPS: 26.744201, -111.896535
Altitude: 3.1 masl
Place Website:


Electricity: No
Wifi: No
Kitchen: No
Restaurant: No
Showers: No
Water: No
Toilets: Pit Toilets
Big Rig Friendly: No
Tent Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes
Sanitation Dump Station: Unknown

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150 per night with palapa. Nice small beach... Not easily seen from the road and the track in is a little more challenging than the other beaches so less RV traffic... Used to be free with a really rough road so you had the place to yourself... But.... You can find a little more privacy by tucking yourself in the far west corner if you have 4wd...


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Gorgeous beach, shallow cove great for kayaking. Some palapas, plenty of open beach sites. Pit toilets. No cell on Verizon. Road is easy access.

Loved it here - one of my favorite sites in Baja. Moved here from Playa Coyote in search of a different vibe away from all the big rigs and this was perfect. Everyone’s friendly and the place is magical2

Best beach in the area! Great group of people and nice outhouses. Can kayak out to an island. Will def always stop here. Merchants come with food, bread, water, and prawns.

El sitio es idílico, pero las palapas estaban todas ocupadas por gente que parece llevar tiempo viviendo ahí. Manuel se encarga de cobrar los 150 pesos y te da un papel de recibo con la fecha y su nombre. El agua es un plato de calmada, a 3 metros de la orilla pusimos la RV de 23 feet en paralelo sin ningún problema. A gente muy amable. Hicimos una hoguera con otros viajeos por la noche pero respetando el entorno y la otra gente. Merece la pena!

Beautiful place. Quiet - away from the highway and no night spots. Just the usual evening gatherings of the campers, many of whom are here for months or longer. Some have even built their own palapas so of course they get palapa priority.

Four pit toilets, reasonably clean. Manuel collects the 150 pesos and takes away the garbage and recyclables. The campers keep the beach clean.

Beautiful sunrise directly opposite the beach, this time of year. And, for those with that inclination, a shrine to Our Lady of Guadeloupe in a natural rock grotto above the playa and accessible by a short steep trail - especially relevant on this the 12th of Dec.

Very nice spot, great beach and warm clear water. Far from the highway, very calm.

We were swimming to a nearby island when the guy asking for the 150 pesos came, and he didn’t come back before us leaving... but I would have paid that fee happily!

Another travel had spearfished a bunch of fish that he shared with our family: delicious!

we had a wonderful 3 nights here! not too crowded this time of year and plenty of open palapas. had luck spear fishing on the north side of the beach and out at the islands. beautiful views and a great community. only con is the sand fleas.

paid $150 a night. the perfect place to chill. shopping and water is 25 mins North in Mulege.

One of the best beach sites yet. Here in the middle of the week so maybe why it’s not too busy. 150mx. Very quiet since it’s behind the hill - so no truck noise and no sand flies- has more shells.
This was 100x better the Coyote beach witch had tons of sand flies. Got several red spots after leaving there.

Crowded. Don't see the point of paying that much for no service. I guess the community living aspect is worthed if planning to stay longer (and getting a discount that way too). Went elsewhere.

Beautiful view of ocean and islands. Hard to get a palapa as there are lots of long term campers here. Seems to be a friendly Campervan community of snowbirds. Standup paddles to islands caught some fish off the east side of the closest island with a lure that dives. I’ll be back!

I loved the 2 nights that I spent there! Worths it to walk to the Virgin Mary to enjoy the view! This beach is beautiful and people were friendly.

Great spot! No noise from highway because it is a bit tucked away. Road was fine for our 21ft motorhome. 150 MXN per night. Many long-termers, relaxed vibe, gets real quiet after dark (not for party-goers). Hiked the 3 mile good heart trail (on MEX1 turn left after the orange house in the flooding area, coming from the campground), beautiful views of the area!

Loved this beach! It’s a really beautiful, and well maintained. Palapas are in good condition and provide some welcome shade.

There are garbage bins and three pit toilets. Not the greatest, but useable (we’ve definitely seen much worse!)

A little snorkelling at the north end of the beach, though nothing extensive.

No one came to collect money from us. And no one came by selling anything (we’re out of season so that’s to be expected).

One other car camped one night whilst we were there, otherwise we were alone. Very quiet spot at this time of year. Wish we could have stayed longer, but we were out of water.

This is a very small beach with minimal sites for big rigs. It is best for tent campers and small 4x4 rigs and vans. The palapas are always occupied by long-term snowbirds, and there are only a couple of other sites for rigs that don't require driving on soft sand (that looks deceivingly sturdy). The road in is rough and rocky. The vibe is super chill here, so I wouldn't come here to party wildly or you might find you are shushed by the mellow long-termers. There is some hiking above the beach and the kayaking is great. Watch out for rattlesnakes onshore at all times and for a huge population of stingrays in the shallows beginning in April.

120$Mx with palapa, 100$Mx without. Too crowded, we didn't stay.

Nice quiet beach, good kayaking and can snorkel, calm waters.
Pit toilets are ok and beach is clean.
Nobody came to collect money yesterday, staying another night.
Plenty of sand fleas have visited my legs.

lovely quiet clean beach with 6 palapas. pit toilets, no water. apparently someone cones around with non potable water but not in the 24 hrs we were there!

Sandy beach. Warm, calm water great for swimming. Short hike past a Virgin Mary statue to the top of a hill. Palapas are very small so provide very little shade.

the entrance is north of the waypoint. Larger rigs can park on the beach near the entrance. The main beach is along the gravel road over the hill to the south which brings you to the waypoint. Friendly hostel/restaurant in the 'town'

Beautiful, and friendly fellow campers. Quiet and tranquil.

Gps is actually 26.74520/ 111.89568 gorgeous and quiet even when fairly full

Very pretty beach, but rough road going in. Not recommended for RVs, but camper vans/truck campers shouldn't have a problem.

100 pesos/night, ok outhouses. Very small space so gets crowded easily.

Beautiful spot and by far the most quiet of all the developed beach campgrounds along the Bahía. The road in is very good at the moment and the owner, Manuel, takes very good care of the grounds.

nice beach, most people camping here stay for several months and have been coming for years. no big rigs or generators though!
vendors come in the morning to sell all the things (touristy stuff as well as fish, veggies, non-potable water, etc.)
at the south end of the beach there is a little bit of snorkeling, the area is good for kayaking.
100 pesos a night, very clean beach. the long term campers have painted the pit toilets (the furthest North pit toilet is nice and clean) and are in the process of painting a mural over an old sign.
Cool place to stay and relax a few days with a nice community of gringos.

Great little beach, quite busy this time of year, paid 100 pesos without a palapa. Great beach for SUP & snorkelling. Away from the road

Only 100 pesos/noche, but the caretaker Manuel takes a great deal of pride in his work.

This is one of the only places in Mexico we got a receipt for our payment.. The pit toilets are very good (for pit toilets of course) and the beach is free from trash. When we were there, Manuel came and worked all day. He raked the parking places and inside and around each palapa, then went on to the beach and raked up any large stones or sharp shells. THEN he took a wheelbarrow and his rake up to the entrance road and filled any large holes and raked the ROAD smooth..

The beach is nice and the water is shallow. You can snorkel for days around the cove and the little islands.

It was very busy when we were there, but everyone was friendly and quiet.

We stayed two days.

Nice beach with 8 or so palapas. It's tucked away from the main road and was nearly packed when we arrived in late October. Palapas were nice (100p/night), pit toilets were in good shape, and there were several trash bins. The water was great - calm and good for swimming and snorkeling. There are usually a few vendors that stop by and sell food like tamales, seafood, and ice cream. No one came to collect money the first day, but came the second day.

Nice beach, we stayed one night and the guy came to collect 100 pesos. During this season you pay only during the weekend, starting from October they pass every day to collect money. This place was recommended by a mexican we met as one of the nicest but he told us it is known also to be the only beach where nudism is tolerated so in high season you can expect some naked people :-)

cool beach, nice palapas, friendly vendors
good swimming and snorkeling
supposed to be 100 mex a night but nobody came to collect money

Beautiful place. Several palapas in quite good shape. Ideal for swimming. We stayed two nights, but nobody came to collect money. So we paid nothing.

Stayed for a night. In the evening, 3 guys came in a car to collect the 100pesos and said the caretaker was out of town. We were the only ones on the beach, no trouble.

great hidden beach, supposedly 100 pesos per night, but the guy didn't come to collect. water is crystal clear and really nice.

We loved it here. Beautiful beach. Not too crowded. Very quiet. Payed M$100 a night when the guy actually came around to collect. Some days didn't see him at all.

100 per night with palapa, 80 without... Nice small beach... Not easily seen from the road and the track in is a little more challenging than the other beaches so less RV traffic... Used to be free with a really rough road so you had the place to yourself... But.... You can find a little more privacy by tucking yourself in the far west corner...