Laguna 69 | Tourist Attraction



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GPS: -9.011850, -77.610266
Altitude: 1392.3 masl


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A beautiful trekking to a wonderfull lake. Hard, around 3 hours to go to the lake and 2,5 hours to back. We did it with our 3 children 7,9 And 11 years old. Ok.


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Nice hike, about 2.5 hours from campground. Weather was mixed. Also look back at Nevado Huascaran. Take pictures quickly as views change constantly. Up there at Laguna 69 can get very cold due to wind and clouds/ rain.

Really nice hike. It took us 2h10 to go up, going slow, and 1h45 going down. We got to the start of the hike at 8:45, beating the tour bus by like 15min, just a few people going up with us. Had the Laguna all to ourselves for about 30min and then the crowds started coming. Also there are no stands to buy snacks, so take snacks, lunch, and water. Last spot we saw was where you pay the entrance fee.

Left at 7am and didn't see a soul until we started coming down when we had half an hour of constant traffic so guess a few tour buses arrived. After that it was quiet again so I would definitely try to leave before 8am.
Also FYI gates are open and unmanned at 5:30am - suspect they are charging from 6am. We weren't even asked to pay the park :)
Have to say prices are ridiculous now and walk/lake are nice but for me Laguna Peron is a way better overlander spot. The walk to the 3rd lake is a little longer/steeper/tougher but to see a glacier terminate in a lake with mini icebergs is epic. Plus great camping - they just need a beer container too!

We where lucky with the weather and it was all sunny entire hike. Started at dawn 6ish from the parking lot at the lake and it took us 2 hours to get to the lake. Great views up here! Lots of people hiking up as we returned.

Beautiful hike and gorgeous views of Chacraraju and setting for this sapphire color lake. Start your hike early morning (6-7 am) to beat the overwhelming crowds that kill the magic of this place.

We took a taxi up from Yungay on recommendation from locals. 150s return (2 people), left our vehicle at Hotel Salgado (secure parking). We're not fit and it took 3hrs up 2.5hrs down taking it easy.

Well worth to hike up! The blue color is spectacular. It took us about 3h up with slow pace and many fotostopps.

You'd better go with a taxi a little bit later than the bus... Instead of leaving Huaraz at 5 am, you leave at 7.30, and we arrived at the laguna when the hundred of tourists left this wonderful lake. So we were alone to enjoy contrary to the others. Taxi : 220 soles from Huaraz (go&back included)

A bealtiful trekking to a wonderfull lake.
Dificult is hard, arround 3 hours to go to lake an 3 hours to back but the view is incredible.