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Last Visited: over 2 years ago
GPS: -19.331120, 15.940120
Altitude: 0.0 masl
Place Website:


Electricity: Unknown
Wifi: Unknown
Kitchen: Unknown
Restaurant: Unknown
Showers: Unknown
Water: Unknown
Toilets: Unknown
Big Rig Friendly: Unknown
Tent Friendly: Unknown
Pet Friendly: Unknown

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Etosha, Anderson Gate
Nam$80,- pp per day.
Nam$10,- per car per day.


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Latest Check-Ins

Busy in the morning opening (busier than the Von Lindequist gate). Did not check for meat at the entrance but yesterday at the exit, yes. Nothing about eggs yesterday though.

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When we left the park we could not take our uncooked eggs. You can park your car, cook your meat and eggs and proceed. Bacon was no problem, only red meat should be cooked.

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we were asked to show what it is in our freezer when we EXITED the park. The official told us that we had to leave all our uncooked meat here even though it was frozen. we drove back 100 meters and started cooking. No problem

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We got to know from one officer, that in the 24h-permit there are always 2 hours extra for free, means you can stay 26 hours in the park. Checked this information with three other official people.

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Nam$ 80 pp per day and Nam$10 per car per day. We thought the prices were alright for this great park!

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