Zorats Karer | Tourist Attraction



Last Visited: over 2 years ago
GPS: 39.550583, 46.028983
Altitude: 1770.0 masl


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Zorats Karer, pre-historic stones, "Stonehenge of Armenia", possibly prehistoric burial ground for warriors.


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we do not agree with the last review. it doesn't certainly not worth a long way to come here but if you pass close, just stop. there is an historic site and a an artist one just beside the road. both are Nice and its free!

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Tourist trap (although it's free). Just a bunch of stones.

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Interesting site with beautiful surroundings. It seems that this is a prehistoric burial ground for warriors, but nobody is of course completely certain. Close by the main road, so absolutely worth a quick (or longer) visit!

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Thank you; your GPS coordinates were correct - other than those in our travelbook.

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A great place to visit. Close to the road. There is a parking. From here it is a short walk. The views around are stunning. Perfect spot for a bushcamp.

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Zorats Karer, stonehenge of Armenia

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