Playa Tecolote | Wild Camping



Last Visited: 13 days ago
GPS: 24.337408, -110.310256
Altitude: 3.1 masl
Place Website:


Electricity: No
Wifi: Yes - Average
Kitchen: No
Restaurant: Yes
Showers: Cold
Water: No
Toilets: Pit Toilets
Big Rig Friendly: Yes
Tent Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes

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iOverlander cannot verify if wild camping is permitted at this location. It is your responsibility to verify local laws or obtain consent before staying the night.

Beautiful white sand beach. Camping is free. The restaurants will let you use their bathrooms for a fee (or if you are a good patron). Bring your own water supply. Cold showers 20 pesos. No wi-fi no cell signal.


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Fantastic!! You can now but wifi for 200 pesos for the day or walk up the hill near the white house for cell service. Otherwise, watch spectacular sunsets while scores of pelicans dive for their dinner. This is why you overlanded down the Baja!

great sunsets, plenty of space, nice beach, great colors.

we took the place near vigilante. were almost for our own.

Beach is beautiful. Birds were amazing. Got to see a pelican buffet with 100 pelicans feasting right off the beach for breakfast. Snorkeling is good on the points at both ends of the beach. Camping is free. Restaurants are American prices but good. 470 pesos for aguachiles, on meager iceberg salad and a refreshing but weak margarita at Puro Civeche. We never saw a menu and felt like they charges us more fore being gringos. The upside is Flaco is quite entertaining and a good salesman!

It's still nice. In this times it is not busy here. We shared the long beach with two other RV's for the night. During the day is more busy but not packed. Restaurants are open.

Still very quiet at night. A police car drove by at around midnight but didn't interact with us. If trash is full, pack it out.

SUPER quiet during Covid. We were only campers first night, with max of 5 campers all week. No cell service. Ate one of the best burgers from the blue VW van food truck - shrimp on a cheeseburger, sounds iffy, but it was DELICIOUS and 75 pesos! The shrimp empanadas were also good 100 pesos for 3, enough for a meal. Adrian, the son, will even bring them back to your camp spot. Eat it!!!

Wao! Open today with people and restaurants

Great free camping on the beach. Clean, trash cans supplied, lots of campers, friendly bunch, restaurant at entrance, pelicans for entertainment. Beautiful sunsets.

Golden late grab the parking spot on the beach. There was a few other campers. Everything was peaceful and quiet. I got up in the morning. And took off all was fine. Very nice place little windy.

Tecolote is a nice spot. Lots of other campers!
The island off shore makes for a beautiful scene. The sand dunes are really lovely.
Nearby balandra is perfect for a day trip but Tecolote is better for camping.
Water is calm for swimming.
Enjoy it and keep it beautiful amigos!

Good spot. More comfortable staying here than Balandra. Free. Several dozen overlanders around so we felt comfortable. As described. Would stay here again.

LOVE PLAYA TECOLOTE! Tones of campers, beautiful beach, Cacti, dunes and mountain back drop- even a little trail walk to other rocky beach! Enjoy! Keep trash in cans

As described. Free camping. Only garbage service, no cell service. Not too many vehicles when we got here on a Friday, but many came after us. Still plenty of room. Friday night was full of loudish music and talking, but stopped at a reasonable hour. Wind blew all night. Did have a few vendors approach to sell things.

Beautiful white sand beach. No wi-fi, no cell signal. It seems that the guy who own the lawn unplugged the antenna and don’t want it anymore. A person knock at my door after sunset. I didn’t open and the person didn’t tell me what it was about and left. I didn’t like it but I stayed there and had no more problem.

A great spot to pull into on the first of a New Year and start camping for Free for a change. Not much to add to other posts. Great free option to La Paz...and easy to get to town, even in our 27’ Class C. It’s nice to have the option to completely retreat from crowds (Park far end of the beach) or be closer to action & walk to restaurants if you don’t feel like cooking. But it’s not cheap. Parking at far end also gets you closer to cell service and WiFi, which can be found if you stand near
the white house. Loved our time here but it does tend to get windy. If so, retreat to Playa Pichilingue, close to ferry terminal, a great, much smaller option.

Cold and windy on this day in mid-December. But, all is well - locals looking after the transient and permanent experts. And, vice versa economically speaking. Good place for a night or two.

Super bivouac très grande plage avec énormément de place pour dormir. Des petits bar et resto sur la plage . Frequenter par les familles locales et touristes. Gratuit.

Good spot for wild camping. We have stayed here on two separate occasions now. Seems a lot less touristy than Balandra. Lots of space just inland from the beach to park a car and set up a tent.

Beautiful, wide beach with plenty of wild camping options. We pulled out to the east side (going right) and we’re far away from the crowds. One other camper here. Spent a quiet night with minimal wind, but a nice breeze kept us cool. Recommended if you’re looking for a nice free spot after the ferry. No facilites or Telcel service if you’re parking away from the restaurants.

stayed on the west part on Sunday night and were the only ones there, however two trucks came around 5am loading/unloading something from very quiet boat 200 meters away from us. Not sure if it was drug related, but was surely scared as hell. If you choose to stay here, make sure to stay on the east side

Beautiful beach, but in the weekends it’s more than crowded (even more now on summer vacations)...
People left around 22h30 and we had the beach for ourselves. Very windy at night :)

Careful with the ground! We got stuck because we had forgotten where we came from...

This is a very nice beach frequented by locals and boondockers alike. It's great for swimming. I travel with dogs so I like to be a little away from groups of campers so as not to disturb them. This was easy here this time of year as it's not crowded. I parked between the restaurants to the west and most campers to the east. I've had a great 5 weeks in Baja, no problems at all until this place. A tall dark man wearing jeans and no shirt decided to remove his pants and sunbathe and then stand erect and fondle himself facing my van from about 100 feet away in the dunes. I walked over to the nearest camper to discuss this issue with them. When he could see we were pointing and gesturing in his direction he quickly put on his pants and disappeared into the bushes. I told a restaurant owner about it on my way out the next morning and he said he would inform the police. Just be aware that this place may not be safe for women and families.

the playa is big, so plenty of spaces to park. on the weekend it can be very busy. does not like the beach too much due to the wind. the road is doable with 2wd and big rigs but still be aware of soft sand close to the beach and in mangroves area. there is coco stand in the beginning of the beach, DONT GO THERE!!! the most expensive coco ever!! he ripped us of because we didnt speak spanish. 120 pesos for old coco!?

Check out our video review on Youtube here:

Ready to camp for free in PARADISE? So is everyone that camps here. And there are lots of snowbirds camped here. That's why we felt so safe. Keep in mind that Sundays here are very busy because that is family day for the locals. There will be lots of loud music and a party atmosphere Saturday night and all of Sunday. We camped here Friday and Saturday night before making our way back to a campground in La Paz and it was very quiet on those days. All you could hear was the surf and the seagulls. This is by far our favorite camping site of all time. AND it was free. There are no services here so you must be self contained but there are garbage bins. You can use the bathrooms at the nearby restaurants for a small fee or you can order something and make use of it then.

There was a pack of about 7 dogs and 5 puppies when we were there. Since they likely rely on the restaurants for food, it's a good idea to walk your dog(s) on the other side of the beach. We only had one bar of 4G LTE where we were camped but when we were behind the restaurants we had full bars of service. We had a relaxing stay and would definitely stay again.

Stayed a week!

Amazing free camp spot with the best view we’ve seen in Baja yet!

2WD friendly just keep an eye out for soft spots, but we saw plenty of big RVs make it through. It can be a little windy, and they require you to stay 20 meters from the shore line but there’s a ton of space to share. Trash cans are available but there are no other amenities. :) highly recommend visiting Balandra or hiking on the mountain that has a clear path that you can see all the way from the beach. VERY quiet at night


We parked at El Tecalote.
It was around 8:30pm and we had just cleaned up from dinner and got settled in the back of our station wagon to watch a movie. The moon hadn't risen yet so it was really dark outside and we hardly ever put up curtains because we feel safe here.
About a half hour into the movie my wife noticed the shadow of a man standing at the rear of our vehicle about twenty feet away.
I turned off the phone so I could take a better look and sure enough some guy was moving his head around trying to get a good look inside. The first thing I thought was, he's probably a petty theif prowling for camp gear (lawn chairs etc.) because we left ours out.
So I opened my door and used my flashlight to point it at him. He quickly ducked behind the bushes and I yelled at him "beat it punk"
And he crawled away in a hurry under the cover of bushes. Needless to say, we left and parked on the other side near a few more campers.
But on our way out, I noticed that everyone had camp chairs and umbrellas out and close to the road which would be easy pickin for a thief. 🤔
Which made me realize that this guy probably wasn't a theif but more likely trying to catch a glimpse of people in their beds.

It was creepy.
Nice beach though. 😊

Big sandy beach with a lot of space and a lot of campers. Easy to reach on a paved road. Surprisingly quiet so close to the town of La Paz. Some trash and broken glass in the dunes but the beach is clean.

One entry said “use the bushes for toilets”. PLEASE DON’T. It’s a very nice beach not a lavatory.

Stayed a couple days at beach, behind tide creek.
Entrance to the right 50 meters before beach entrance.
Bus to La Paz runs 3 times a day, adults/kids 50/25 pesos.

We’ve stayed a couple of nights here 2 years ago, it’s often windy but great place. Free

Great, clean and free beach.
Staying with a couple of friends over Xmas on the beach.
Restaurants nearby have good food..

Spend christmas time with a bunch of travelers we had met on the road. There was about 15 of us. Plenty of space even though a lot more camper were parked along the beach. There is no wood around to make a fire, so bring your own.. lots of moskitos around 6pm(sunset) not everyday.. Stayed there about 3 days, the water was super calm at first then it got REALLY windy the last night, had to put away all our stuff and close all the windows, so the sand would not get inside the van. Altogether, the perfect place to spend christmas ! really nice view and snorkeling !!!

very nice place you can park, directly on the beach, the upper part is a gravel mixed with sand, no problem for 2wd.

the beach is very nice, you can by gallon filtered water from the yellow bar. a little expansive but better than going back to La Paz.

be carrefull to park on the upper part of the beach in rainy days, because the area behind the beach become flood....

the beach is free!

Nice spot, a little on the busy side (maybe because Sunday night) but plenty of space to go around. Water beautifully warm for swimming. We didn’t go to the restaurants

Stayed here for two nights, with wind at night its not so hot like Balandra. Didn’t pay anything.

If you drive away from the restaurants it's free and quiet. No problem with 2wd, just stick to the beaten path.

Amazing place. We stayed here for three nights. Perfect place to stay before or after taking the ferry. The beach is so beautiful. We parked on the right, halfway to the house in the far right corner. Super calm in the mornings, some locals come in the afternoons even during the week. Super windy at night. Watch out for stingrays, little pieces of glass on the beach and soft sand, we saw 4 cars get stuck while we were there. Poor Telcel signal.
Less crowded and calmer than the neighboring Balandra.
Edit: we came back on a Sunday afternoon and the place was SO crowded. We couldn't even see the sand, there were cars and locals everywhere. Avoid on weekends!

I feel like the reviews for this place are really silly/un useful. You don’t need to pay anything to camp, drive away from the restaurants and be on your own in this beautiful beach ! Why stay next to a restaurant ? Use the bushes for toilets and shower in the water. Beautiful spot 👌

Free beach!! DON'T need to buy a drink or anything else to the restaurant/bar to stay here for free!
Beautiful beach, clean and clear water! Lots of people stay here but the beach is big.

Camped for two nights for free. First night was extremely windy. Second night was calm.
We were very impressed with the beach and scenery. No facilities.
Ate the first day at Palapas Azul and had good service and decent food. Restaurants are pricey however.
Second day tried El Tecolote Restaurant with all the blue bud light buildings and didn’t have a good experience. We were two large families and ordered lots of food and drinks and they still charged us 300 pesos for the table. My husband also ordered one order of 4 tacos and they brought him 4 orders of 4 tacos. The food was not very good and expensive.

Great beach camping, found a spot in amongst the dunes 30m from the beach at the eastern end just off the road to the fishing camp. Very quiet both times we stayed here. Limited cell coverage, beautiful beach to swim as long as it's not too windy. Walk to restaurants and bars back along the beach. Views of the bay, offshore islands and mountains behind spectacular.

Good spot for a free night. Plenty of room for all types of vehicles. Safe and clean.

Really pretty beach, clear water and very large so lots of space when we were there.
Not too much wind, and water is warm enough to swim.
Toilets available in the palapas at the end.
No need to pay if you park away from there to the right side of the beach.

Really relaxing spot
good snorkelling and fishing in the right side

Nice free beach in La Paz area. Got here past dark but plenty of camping spots available on the road along the ocean. Didn't spot any facilities.

I stayed here 5 nights this week. The wind was HORRIBLE & sand was blowing everywhere. So if you are camping with a tent I suggest you check the weather schedule prior to going here otherwise you will be stuck in your tent if there is a lot of wind blowing sand everywhere and there is no escape from the sand despite how far from the shore you camp. Also on the right side of the beach the caretaker who lives in the background has a pitbull dog & several people told me that several dogs had either been killed or attacked so no one lets their dog run free on this side. This is the first beach I have not been able to let me dog run free due to fear of her being attacked by a resident pitbull so I won't return here. I didn't pay any fee and I didn't eat at the restaurant either so I don't think it is required that you pay.

Free camping, nice and quiet at night. No facilities, but there are trash cans. Beautiful beach with crystal clear water. The bartender at Palapa Azul on the beach makes the best piña coladas I've ever had!

Beautyful and free beach, no services but 3-4 bar/restaurants. Great location near La Paz. Second time here, will come again

This place is in wrong location - it is located at 24.33741, -110.31026

As described. And cloudy and rain.

Huge beach with other campers and overlanders, plenty of room, can be windy, no water, no toilets (maybe at the nearby restaurants), couple of restaurants on the beach with kayak rentals. Free (no need to buy anything at the restaurant)

There were only 5-6 other Campers. Lot of space and amazing beach! Free Camping at the east side of the beach

As described

This a very classic spot among overlanders and local mexican families. Weekends tend to be busy, week day not so much. Watch for broken glass.

large beach. exposed to wind but you could tuck in behind dunes. food and drinks available at restaurants and bars. was here on Sunday and they had live music.

Great beach like all the others told. Had full Telcel 3G reception, could work right of the beach.

Camped at this spot a few times now, parking available without spending at restaurants and is listed as a free campsites in La Paz brochures. it's a nice beach with close access to Balandra Bay. we found it less windy and harder sand to the left. we also found a trail up behind the abandoned house over a cliff and has access to a private beach and views over Balandra Bay!

- as described
- aprox. 4000 people during easter weekend, on monday almost nobody

Great place for free camping, crowded on the weekends buy it's a big beach so it doesn't feel like it. But drive on the road behind the grassy area (immediate left when you come in) otherwise prepare to get stuck in the sand.

Nice beach with lot of place to camp for free.

Nice beach with free camping. Easy to organize the tour to swim with the sea lions at the bar. Ideal place to wait for the ferry.

We camped on the east side just past the open field where all of the big rigs park. We were very close to the water so it was windy but a wonderful spot for swimming. We walked down to Palapas Azul for dinner which was pricey and disappointing. The sand is soft in several spots but a 2wd Roadtrek took our site as we were leaving.

Busy boondocking place. Watch out for the loose sand. Can cause lots of problems (here's a hint, jack up versus digging!) if you want a private beach keep going on the 4x4 path past the house and around the hill. There's a big wash to cross but then there's hard ground next to the beach. There is a security guard stationed here at a tail dragger trailer. Not sure what he's protecting but they are friendly and helpful! Say hi to Fernando. No cell reception. Long walk to the restaurants at tecolote. But prefect place to camp if you want to be away from others. Typically quite windy here.

Free beach spot. Tuck into the dunes towards the East end if you don't want to be blown away. Watch for broken glass. There are garbage cans that were horribly overflowing when we went (a Friday). Otherwise picture perfect spot for free beach camping. A couple bar/restaurants about a km down for restrooms and food/beer as required. No other services.

free camping right on beach; nice breeze which meant no bugs! had nice lunch. did not use showers. was some small surf, beach is a bit rocky but nice.

Here on a Saturday, not too crowded but cars coming and going throughout the night. Beach was OK. No whale sharks in the area at the time, closer to La Paz. Booked trip full day trip starting from La Paz to see snorkel with the whale sharks and the sea lions from beach but would have been cheaper booking directly from La Paz.

Very quiet, families still eating. No other Campers. Restaurant and bar open.

still free and beautiful! if you like it calm, stay here the weekdays. Very crowded the weekends!

Packed beach but was still nice. Free but didn't camp. Just been taking day trips from La Paz.

Free. Toilets during the day at restaurant 10 pesos unless you buy food/drink. Palapas on the beach. Lovely spot.

Free camping. Nice beach, if you go right from main road you can camp on the beach. No amnesties. There is cell coverage.

Free beach camping. Didn't use the showers/restrooms of the nearby restaurants. Late night parties weren't as bad as some other places. Swim with the whale sharks!

Free camping on the beach.No amenities.

- free
- beach camping
- close to La Paz and even closer to the mainland ferries terminal
- paid bathrooms in the restaurants
- beautiful and warm water
- we camped on the right (East) from the access road, ok for any vehicle, further east you can drive up on a sort of dune (close to a little fenced house) for a little more privacy (4WD recommended).

Free beach campsite east of La Paz. Beautiful long beach but the only bathroom options are the restaurants nearby, which will cost you a couple pesos. ~USD Free

PROS: Large open beach, busy during the day with families but empty at night, walking distance to restaurants and bars – CONS: Lots of dead puffer fish on the beach, no bathrooms (but the restaurants down the beach will let you use theirs for a small feee or if you buy a drink) – Free!

Free beach camping on a pretty beach. There are restaurants here but they are overpriced, and not very good. You can take a boat as we did from here out to isla espiritu santo and snorkel with the hundreds of sea lions. The restrooms were in bad enough shape that all six in our convoy opted to use the surrounding bushes.

Free camping on gorgeous white sand beach. Lots of Mexican families after work playing and blaring music. Got really windy that night, and bit sketchy with cars pulling in and out throughout night. No toilet, no showers, free!

Price: Free

Camping is free if you buy a few drinks at one of the kiosks/bars on the beach. The restaurants will let you use their bathrooms for a fee (or if you are a good patron). Bring your own water supply.