Punta Chivato | Wild Camping




Last Visited: 8 months ago
GPS: 27.074259, -111.948967
Altitude: 0.0 masl
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Electricity: No
Wifi: No
Kitchen: No
Restaurant: No
Showers: No
Water: No
Toilets: No
Big Rig Friendly: No
Tent Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes

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iOverlander cannot verify if wild camping is permitted at this location. It is your responsibility to verify local laws or obtain consent before staying the night.

Camping on the beach with homes looking over us. Alone on a beautiful sheltered beach. Price: Free.


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Beautiful empty beach right near the point. Free, no facilities. Pack it in pack it out. A few friendly locals out spearfishing. Windy!

This place is permanently closed.

Beautiful spot!!

It is 16km down a gravel road, some washboard and bumpy areas. Totally doable with 2WD but it took us about 40 minutes going slow in our Sprinter Van.
It rained when we were there and the road was a mess coming out but we made it okay.

Parking Is limited for 2WD rigs. If you have 4x4 there are more options to park.

We enjoyed 2 nights here.

Keep it clean and leave no trace. ✌🏾

Beautiful area!
TO GET HERE: drive down last street in Palo Verde towards Punta Chivato. Will turn from pavement to newly graded gravel. There is a point where you can continue straight down OLD ROAD (destroyed from hurricane) or follow graded road right... it’s flat and good with 2WD!! We made the mistake of taking the old road because of the GPS. It’s rough... you will know you are close to the wild camp spot when you have passed all the large homes situated on the water. There is a small sign that says PLAYA (beach) in between two houses which brings you down to the spot. Can venture off and around beach if you have 4x4 but we stayed here And it was lovely (see photo). Keep it beautiful overlanding pals
p.s 2 bar TELCEL connections

No WIFI. Checked everywhere on beach. No signal.

Great place with free WiFi and camping
The last turn to the beach looks like a driveway between two home

[ this check-in removed as per user request ]

This is, without a doubt, one of the best free beaches we have stayed on in baja so far. We did not stay exactly on the pin for this location. But rather on the peninsula south/south east within eye sight. Mainly because we wanted to be closer to the good snorkeling but also because its a better view. Great spot! Sand is fairly firm, 2WD could probably make it.

Cool spot on the beach, we didn’t have any problems driving on the beach in a heavy 2wd camper van. No amenities. Beautiful spot.

Loved this place. Beautiful beach, private and felt safe. Very friendly residents.

Interesting place, we’d heard it was protected as that sounded good for as windy as it’s been, but don’t count on it to be calm here when it winter. The camp is on the left road when it plots at the homes you first see, all the way to the end and then the Playa sign, head north on the beach past the dunes till you see 3 outhouses and a sort of quarry, that the place.

From hwy 1 it’s a washboard road (sometimes rough) but very doable. Before the last house there’s a sign that says make right to playa. Go to the beach and down a little.. beautiful beach!!

go after the last houses ! very nice sand beach!

100% recommanded

great beach, road in is good, 25-30mph all the way. Camped out on the beach close to a rock outcrop. No toilets here, just a former shower building. Reasonable telcel signal. pretty good snorkelling & dolphins right by the beach

Lucked out with this place. Tried to stay at tres virgins volcanoes but gate was locked. Please keep this place nice and
Clean. Neil and Kathy live in homes on cliff and they pick up after all the campers. Local and overland. Super super nice folks. We stayed 3 nights as it is magical and even better than described. Snorkeling is tops and sunrises as good as anywhere Directions are correct and road is in top top shape. Btw. The homes are beautiful but only 200-300K US $

Dove for scallops and oyster around the point. Delicious

Great spot. Good snorkeling/diving out front by the rocks. Drive a little north up the beach and you'll find a cove that isn't in sight of the houses. Area seems quite and safe.

We drove to this place but took the first right down to the beach (Playa) because we walked out to the other spot and weren't sure if we would get stuck. Going to the right we backed down the road and have camped on the beach. The water is stunning! Bath water! Clear, blue, sandy & no rocks. It is also covered in shells towards the ocean break. No trash here!!! Towards the break you can see different tropical fish & starfish. No one is here - however multimillion dollar homes as described. Also we seem to have wifi - woohoo! Loving it!

We were hesitant at first, because the houses are quite close. We went to talk to a lady on the beach, she lived in the closest house and told us that people camp here all the time and the beach is public. First we were thinking to stay only one night, but it was so calm, beautiful and quiet that we ended up staying 4 nights. We got to know more local people, all of them were very nice and welcoming. By Saturday the beach got quite busy and we noticed more people occupied the houses as well more camping people on the beach. Please be respectful of this place, locals are picking garbage along the beach and even asked to take ours. We felt very safe here, swimming was good (watch for stingrays), we saw some fish from the rocks and breaching ray fish of some kind!

We loved this spot. Beautiful camp spot, sandy beach and great clear water. We stayed right next to the water at the main beach, but there are a couple of spots to the north if you want a little more privacy. We arrived on a Sunday, so there were a few locals enjoying the beach but they all left before sunset.

There’s a small but busy reef about 40m out.

4x4 is not required to get to the beach, but it is advisable for driving on it. (We hade to tow some locals in a car out, but seemed as if they were young and inexperienced with beach driving.)

No toilets, no fresh water, so come prepared.

Dirt road in but in good condition. Go to the end after all the big houses and there’s a sign that says beach access. There’s a big lot before the beach where you can camp for free, or if you have 4WD you can go out onto the beach. Decent snorkeling and fishing here. We stayed two nights along with some other gringos. Beautiful and quiet!

If the wind is not blowing can be a great spot. Decent snorkeling out around the points. There is a rougher high clearance track that goes around the hill to two more secluded beaches with possible camping up on the bluff, again if the wind is not blowing. Also pretty great spot for shell collecting.

Still free. Road is graded but soft in spots. Homes hulking behind. Did not go near toilet building. Hurricane must have wiped out prior RV park so this is just beach parking. Beautiful bay. Quiet as there is no electricity to these homes.

- free
- luxury homes around occupied by Gringos
- pretty bad pit toilet
- no water
- camp right on the beach
- long and bumpy road
- 2WDs watch out for soft sand

Pirate camping on the beach with multimillion dollar homes looking over us. Really rough 11 mile road, probably due to recent hurricane. Alone on a beautiful sheltered beach. One nasty pit toilet, free.

Price: Free