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over 1 year ago
1943.4 masl


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we got 75 L Diesel from truckers and good drinkingwater here!


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Not so nice anymore the people from the gas station..They asked 12 times the official price. After a hard negociation we paid 5 times the price, as we were really in need of diesel..so, caution!

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I fueled up at this station three times in one week. Lots of truck arriving so you can ask a lot if the first ones are not willing to give some liters from their card. Stuff was very friendly every time.

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Very nice persons. First we got 50L and we ask to a old guy that clean the toilet to fill with water. he show us the tap water, during this time the employee station call us to more 60L. We pay the same price then the truck drivers.

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we got 75 L Diesel from truckers and good drinkingwater here!

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