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One of the gates for entering and exiting the Palmwag concession.

2021: Entrance fee 150 pp for the day and 150 for the car when sleeping in one of the designated campsites.

You can get the permit & map at the nearby Palmwag lodge or at the gate. According to the sign motorcycles are not allowed.


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We had a wonderful time here. Didn't see another soul the first day. Stars at night are beautiful.

We saw the most wildlife around the Hoanib river (oryx, elephant, giraffe). Would recommend to drive through the concession if you have the time! Roads/routes are not always easy to find, but they are on tracks4africa so that helped a lot!

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Very nice place, we stay 3 days and 2 nigths and paid 900Nad for 2 and 1 car. We saw elephants, girafes, oryx... We camp at the campsite 3 and 7, and seing nobody !

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Absolutely stunning drive. Key in our opinion is not to rush it and take your time. We camped three times (C1, C4 and C8) on our way to Sesfontein.

Going is slow at times, but the scenery very rewarding. Saw giraffes, desert elephants, ostriches, Oryx and the obvious Springboks.

Had the place completely to ourselves. Just saw three other cars in the distance in three days. So come prepared.

Ranger said there currently is a pride of lions in the Hoanib ricerbed, but we didn’t see them.

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Highly recommend, great and varied scenery, felt like we had whole concession to ourselves. Favourite spot was campsite 7. We spent two nights in the concession. Our driving time was longer than below. It took us 11-12 hours approx to drive gate to Sesfontein. Not difficult but slow and 4x4 needed. Uploaded maps photos provided at the gate.

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We entered the conservation area here, 150 pp, + 150 for the car. The loop to Sesfontein is about 200 km if you dont take side detours. We did it in 10 hours, going slow. Beautiful landscape, plus wildlife every so often. We saw 9 elephants, 10 ostriches, 8 girafes, a few baboons and loads of springboks.
Road is easy but very corrugated, some you can avoid, some not. Worse sections were during the first 30 km after entry, very rocky. Adjust your tire pressure... We actually didnt need 4x4 the all time we were inside the park but after exiting in the north, in direction of Sesfontein, there was some serious deep soft sand area with deep ruts. Maybe you can avoid it going around but we were happy to have low range...
Was very hot begining of april, more than 40 celcius. Not a cloud in the sky.
We arrived at 11 am in the morning, exited at 4pm the next day in the north, and didnt have to pay extra. Looks like the fee is for 2 days in a row and 1 night (?). To be confirmed.

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We arrived at the gate by North by a little 4x4 track. We did not see anybody at the gate.

The drive on the Hoanib River bed is just stunning! You can take the river bed and turn right at the crossing at the mudorib river bed. The track go to Purros. We did it in 2 days.

You absolutely need a 4x4 it's very sandy and deep sometimes.

We saw baboons, oryx and one giraffe.

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Drive to the gate further along the road, that is the entrance of the concession. Ignore the first sign which says no entrance and just drive through to the gate.

We thought it was worth driving in the concession: we saw lions, elephant, zebra, springbok, oryx and ostrich. Beautiful area!! Rocky roads, though.. Make sure you have the right tyre pressure and don't expect to drive fast.

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There are 2 gates, this gate and another one ca 10km further North. Drove around the concession today but it was dead quiet with no wildlife after the rain a week ago. Only a few springbok around. Elephants appear to have moved South.

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Beautiful landscapes and home to the last free roaming rhinos in the world. This concession is worth it especially if you can be self sufficient to wild camp in the designated spots en route to Hoanib river. When we came first time we saw black rhinos, lots of oryx springboks, giraffes and lions twice. All this animals are desert adapted and is quite amazing to see them in such landscapes. As for the desert elephants we only saw them around Palmwag Lodge area and Hoanib river area. For the person who questions why a car must pay, one should think of the work and money it costs to build and maintain roads and tracks in such isolated places. This concession's tourist income goes to maintaining and protecting the reserve as well as helping surrounding communities and the Rhino Trust project. Going to a zoo in Europe costs more than what you pay here for such a wild and secluded experience.

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in 2021: 150N$ per person, 150N$ per car, when camping in designated campsites. They obviously used Corona time during 2010 to maintain roads and put up new signs within the concession area. Very helpful and clever to use the time without tourists.
Some people may think it's pricy, but we really enjoyed the stay. They are one of the largest private concession area in the world. Enjoy!

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Why does my vehicle have to pay $150, it has no bank account?
What a rip off, $300 for one person effectively.

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If your goal is watching wildlife , don’t do it. Otherwise it is a nice route. We loved the views and no other cars/people around. Not aloud for trucks (+4000kg). You need high clearance.
We saw one giraffe, three ostrich and a gemsbok.

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One of the gates for entering and exiting the Palmwag concession.

Entrance fee for the day is 70pp and 120 for the car. Or 120pp and 120 for the car when sleeping in one of the designated campsites.

You can get the permit & map at the nearby Palmwag lodge. According to the sign motorcycles are not allowed.

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