CALIGAS Station near the Airport....fills Bottles | Propane



7 months ago
125.6 masl
Manfred Thum


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Caligas fills our bottle. And RV
Huge parking lot.


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Great place, friendly peoples. 12.76 mx pesos/litro

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240 pesos to fill a 20 lb tank. They don't have change so plan accordingly.

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122 pesos for 8.75lts
Very friendly, quick service. Juste make sure you have it cash, he did not have the change for 200 pesos...
Drive and park close to the big propane tank and someone will come to fill it up for you!

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Easy transaction to refill propane tank. Super friendly man helped us. Was told they are open every day except Sunday. 4 Miles north of SJD airport.

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Propane fill ups…
Filled both tanks, $10 per tank.
Really friendly attendant.
We had to wait a few minutes while they walk from the compound.
Would definitely recommend.

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200 pesos to fill our 20lb tank, easy. Friendly nice man filled it up.

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In and out, quick.
12,34mxp / L
Rounded the price for easy transaction.

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Propane and fuel fill. Open late even on Sunday.

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Propane at km 51 on Hwy 1. Take dirt road on right going south.

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