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Bizare rocks in a vast pebble field (pumice boulders)


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Amazing and unique place. We came late afternoon, no one around manning the entrance a few KM back. There is another parking lot a few km to the south of here that is worth checking out too.

Agree with previous comments and signage. We aired down our tires and kept our speed up and never had to engage 4x4, but it would be reckless to come out here without 4x4

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The road has some sandy part indeed. Better with a 4x4.
The place is really beautiful and unique. We came across the park rangers next day when we left and told us we had to pay $7000 per person. We didn’t have enough money so he had us pay the national entrance at $1500 per person (what a difference!!)
Stay on the tracks and don t go offroad as you can really have high fines.
Washboard almost all the way. Took us around 1h from the road to here.

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he road is really not doable without a 4x4. We had to do with a tour. We paid 50’000 ars for 4 people (~80 usd). We started at 8:30am and came back at 12pm.
!! Now you need to pay a entrance fees to go to Piedra pomez and it’s 7000 ars for non-Argentinian !! (We were lucky because no one was at the entrance so we didn’t have to pay)

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we do it with a guide. its amazing place , don't miss it.....

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As said, beautiful rock formations that are well worth the visit. It is a bit windy and finding shelter is almost impossible as the wind comes from the west and the vast, open area towards the west offers no protection.

If you're heading south towards Fiambalá, the drive is absolutely stunning. High clearance is mandatory, 4x4 highly recommended as there are some soft patches of sand. Depending on the conditions, time of the year and vehicle/skill of driver, it could be possible without a 4x4.

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it's the piedra pomez site
very nice place, beautiful sunset and sunrise on the rocks

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Bizzare rocks in a vast pebble field (pumice boulders)

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