Zona de Arqueológicos de Balanku | Tourist Attraction



9 months ago
137.0 masl


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Beautiful frescos of jaguar and underworld monsters inside it's largest pyramid. 60 pesos entry.


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Very nice and interesting frescos inside the big pyramide. Not many people, highly recommended.

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muy lindo el lugar...muy bien cuidado!
para quedarse un par de horas a disfrutar el sitio.
cierran a las 15h
el estacionamiento del lugar esta muy bien para hacer paisa/picnic
tambien si no vas a entrar

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Yes,it's definitely not crowded there and easy to explore in +/- 1hour; the structures inside the ruins are pretty impressive; also a great spot to have a lunchtime in your car/camper because there are several opportunities to find shade under a tree at the parking lot

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Lovely site, amazing ruins! Very nice short walk and beautiful unique ruins. Clean bathrooms, friendly staff.

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arrived at 8am, paid 60 pesos per person, had the place to ourselves for 4 hours with spider monkeys and songbirds. just a few ruins and the unique frescos. we didn't ask, but looks like a place you could park overnight and would be quiet

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It is beautiful and not crowded, make sure to ask whether the door to the frescas is open at the entrance. It is now 45 pesos per person.

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Beautiful frescos of jaguar and underworld monsters inside it's largest pyramid. 40 pesos entry..

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