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A good man that is able to fix Land Rover. It was indicated for Land Rover group of Colômbia in facebook.


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Don't recomended. The boys mecanicals don't make a serious service.
we pay for revised the bearing of the front axis and stayed much bad them before we went there.

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GREAT team specialised in LAND ROVER, very knowledgable on defenders and able to source most parts as they have all the contacts in Columbia.
Over one day we had all our oils serviced as well as break pads change and a deeper check up including transfer box visual check, alignement and wheel bearing gap which in our case led to find a major issue, our left wheel bowl was about to break and they found a second hand LR original to replace and fix the issue in only one day! (This part is supposed to never break and thus is almost never in stock)
We strongly recommend, price was very affordable and after 50,000km on the road we were really glad to have made this check-up with such an expert team!
You can contact him on WhatsApp beforehand to make sure he has capacity the day you arrive.
We stayed the whole day on site (good coffee nearby to eat) to ensure everything was done properly.
They accept credit card so you don’t have to walk with a lot of cash!

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just an update to the work done:
- they forgot the change the front bushings but kept the parts. had some custom made in Brazil
- the a frame ball joint (delphi) survived only 20000km. replaced with lemmförderer in brazil
- the head gasket stared to leak about 15000km later, my guess is that either the head bolts weren't tightened properly or the ste stretched and should have been replaced.


3000km left to Montevideo, then I'll get it sorted out properly at a capable mechanic.

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we had some major work gotten done here. our cylinder head gasket (td5) went bye bye and they replaced it, we also had the following done:
- pretty much all bushings replaced
- a-frame ball joint replaced
- turbo oil seal replaced
- transfer case deals replaced
- copper o-rings injectors replaced

I was told by many land rover enthusiasts that Alejo is the best in Colombia. it's no swiss precision working but so far everything they did works great. I'll update here if we run into problems with the gasket :)
really nice and helpful people!

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Very knowlageable Land Rover mechanic. Worked on our car for over 2 hours really reasonable. highly recommended and very trustworthy.

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Alejandro and his team did great work on our badly damaged shock absorbers. He also knows good guys for weld broken parts. The team loves Overlanders and they do everything to send you back to the road with a better car then before. Highly recommended!
We travel with a LandRover Defender 130 with a Azalai cabin.

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Alejandro Sanchez is one of the best Land Rover specialists you can find in South America. We got stranded after an overheated engine with severe damage as result. We left with a better car then ever before. He has most parts availible, used or he will refurbish. Very reasonable in price and a real perfectionist who loves working on Land Rover. His cell nr is 315 850 8372

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A good man that is able to fix Land Rover. It was indicated for Land Rover group of Colômbia in facebook.

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