Ojo De Água | Informal Campsite



Last Visited: over 1 year ago
GPS: 11.519970, -85.567400
Altitude: 56.9 masl
Place Website:


Electricity: No
Wifi: Yes - Slow
Kitchen: No
Restaurant: Yes
Showers: Cold
Water: Natural Source
Toilets: Running Water
Big Rig Friendly: Yes
Tent Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes

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Great place for motor home. Restaurant, natural pool. We paid $ 6.00 per person with pool access.

*Update late November 2017: they now ask $8pp including access*

*Update January 2018 - they ask for $10 including pool access*

Ótimo lugar ara motor home. Restaurante, piscina natural. Pagamos $6,00 por pessoa com direito a piscina.

Even if pets are oficial forbidden. They were okay wit our dog 😊


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definitely recommend this cold mineral water pool from the volcano. $C166 entrance with very nice facilities, bathrooms, changing room, etc. the road is unpaved but easy to drive and there is parking at the end for bigger rigs.

We camped here per night and it was kind of cool being the only people there after 5. It is in the jungle so the bathrooms are a bit buggy especially at night. Overall we probably wouldn’t stay here again since there is now a good alternative (El Pelegrino) but if you want to explore the eastern side of the island and don’t want to drive back-and-forth to it this is a pretty cool option. Don’t miss the Tarzan swing or the view of the volcano just got the path from the springs. It’s $16 for two people including the $5 per person entry fee.

Amazing place! $5pp entrance, includes swimming pool and two trails. Additional $5pp for camping (not worth it for us). Probably a must in Ometepe, super nice!!

They wanted 10usd pp for access and overnight (5/5 USD) . As we are 5 it was incredibly high priced for overnight Park !
Lot of people here... We moved.

We just visited the pool and did the plantain hike which was nice. Pool was ok and wifi slow. Food and entrance fee pricey for what you get. Bathrooms was really clean

It is ok. $10 pp including pool access, showers, wifi and overnight camping. Still under construction. Busy during the day, ghosts town at night.

they charged us 5US$ per adult to spend the night on the parking lot.
really nice spot to spend the day.

We paid $10 pp including pool access. Parking isn't all flat, showers are broken. We arrived late in the afternoon and never used the restaurant toilet, public toilets are average. Banana plantation is pretty cool. Construction workers are still building right next to the parking lot starting very early. On the up side security is very good here and we also had our own guard dog sleep next to our van the whole night! We used the tap next to the toilet to wash our dishes. To be honest this place is not worth $10 a night....pool is nice but maybe for a visit. Someone asked us in the morning if we wanted to stay longer than 10am we needed to pay another $10... friendly staff tho.

Price is 5$ per person for the entrance, and 3$ per person for the campground.
Nice pool, and don't miss the trailpath starting to the parking lot and going to the bananas plantations : we could see white face monkeys, urracas and parrots.
Regarding the pool, if you camp there you have access to it even after the gates closes, which means you will have it for yourself from 5:30pm until 9am :)

The descriptions are still correct.
$8 pp for camping including swimming pool.
There is also a cool little hike through a banana plantation. With many butterflies, some monkeys and lots of birds.
I wouldn’t call this an established campground though. No spots, kitchen or anything. Just a parking lot. Showers didn’t work at the time we were there.
We used the toilets in the restaurant (recommended by the guard at night), there is light. :) the toilets ‘in the woods’ don’t have lights and are a bit shabby. Although the toilet in the restaurant is a resting place for tiny bats at night. They’re gone before you can approach them so don’t worry.
Restaurant is quite expensive, we didn’t eat there.
The plantation workers start to come in around 05:45 in the morning so bring earplugs if you want to sleep a bit longer. They come on motor bikes and talk quit loud. Safe place to stay!

Beautiful place. We paid 8$ per person (pool entrance included). We enjoyed the pool by ourselves in the morning, tourists didn't show up until 11am. The parking is not really leveled, but you can find a decent spot. If you need it, you can use electricity with a long cord for 10$, but you have to ask for it, otherwise they won't offer it. Toilets were a little bit dirty and with no light at night.

Entrance is now 5$ pp. Didn't ask about the camping.

Nice half natural pool (around 24 degree C), $3pp for entrance. $6pp for camping. With gard. Nice place to take a dip and stay over night.

Nice place. As others said, you can sleep in the parking lot for 6 pp pero night including the pool. It is nice! | Muy lindo lugar. Como otros dijeron, te permiten dormir en el carro en el estacionamiento por 6 pp por noche. Vale la pena!

Nice, refreshing pool to relax in with a rum coconut in hand. We paid $6pp ($12) for entrance and camping in the parking lot. No seeums (sand flies) were annoying. Bathroom in restaurant or up at the top of a hill. Basic showers are available near the pool. Restaurant is a little expensive but has a large menu.

3 dollars par personne la journée et 3 dollars par personne pour la nuit. WC, douche, piscine naturelle super agréable ouverte en tout temps pour les campers. On y était à 6h du matin. Génial. Personnel très agréable.

This is a natural pool formed by underground water coming from the volcano. $6 usd to enter also a camping spot. There's a restaurant that closes at 5:30pm. Has washrooms as well.

Possibilite de passer la nuit sur le site WC, douche, 168 cor par personne accés à la piscine

Ótimo lugar ara motor home. Restaurante, piscina natural. Pagamos $6,00 por pessoa com direito a piscina.