Camping Municipal Carlos Xamena | Established Campground



Last Visited: about 1 year ago
GPS: -24.813238, -65.419690
Altitude: 1205.8 masl
Place Website:


Electricity: Yes - At Sites
Wifi: No
Kitchen: No
Restaurant: No
Showers: Hot
Water: Potable
Toilets: Running Water
Big Rig Friendly: Yes
Tent Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes
Sanitation Dump Station: Unknown

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This is the best place to stay in Salta. Large grounds with space for hundreds of tents and campers. On busy times (summers, weekends) it fills with hundreds of people including lots of day users for the pool and has a carnival kind of atmosphere. Not a quiet spot.

We heard there is a disco club nearby, and it's best to go elsewhere on weekends. The gargantuan swimming pool is only full 2 months of the year, but the rest of the campground is still well maintained. Don't leave things laying around here. Many overlanders have reported thefts. No internet, but we found unlocked networks nearby.

**edit: updated GPS location.**

Update January 2020: Arg$ 61/person and Arg$ 88/motorhome


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Still very cheap camp ground. After beginning of March, the pool has no water (season‘s over). The facilities are run down, but clean regularly. Showers hot. Easy to leave your camper here and take a cab into the centre (140-170p).

Definitely good to stay! At this time (end of summer vacations) very few people, pool still filled, free choice of sites, incredible price of AR$ 61 p.p. and 89 p. motorhome. Very good pastelería / panadería close by (about 400 m to the left when leaving the premises). Laundry service NOT recommended! Some pieces came back unwashed, the rest not really clean! Stayed 4 nights, police patrolling during the day
Update: End of season - March 1, pool empty - full only to the end of February!!

Price ist now Arg$ 61/person and Arg$ 89,00/motorhome. Very crowded at this time of the year.

It was a bit of a shock at first to see the dozens of tents and people in the massive swimming pool. But if you drive around the 'lake', you can find a quiet place at the back near the sports fields. Electricity but no wifi for the incredible price of 211 pesos (2 people and camper) per night. Bathrooms are not the best and there is no privacy for showers. Lots of police patrolling the grounds so we felt safe. About 30 min walk to central plaza. Fun to watch all the activity. A person came around to inform us that laundry could be done from the campground: try WhatsApp 3874679177.

Completely crowded at the weekend, there was only space in the second row without electricity and shade. There is little electricity anyway, as it is often defective. Sanitary facilities are good and clean in large buildings, otherwise mostly broken.
Very loud place. Alcohol ban is controlled by the police. It is constantly present until the evening.

Camping sympa avec LA grande piscine.toilette pas très propre pour les ça passe. 211 pesos pour 2 avec le Camping-car. Proche centre ville.

Very good place. 600 pesos for 3 nights motorhome and 2 children and 2 adults
Big swimming pool like a lake. Old showers but clean and hot.
130 pesos taxi to cathédral

This may be the only campsite in town, but it is definitely not the place to be. Motor homes need to park on a dirt field, which turns into a big mud hole when it rains. As mentioned previously, facilities are basic but clean. Lots of different folks hanging around. Not really bothering except for music playing late at night. After all, Salta is not a must see town IMHO.

As described..old showers, the pool is full or water but there's some algues in ??
Be ready to see the parc very crowed from 2pm...and to hear music loud in the morning if you like to sleep a little more late...
however it's a cheap place

The pool was filled with water. From 2pm to 7pm, the camping is very crowded.

As described in the last comment. Pool will be filled in 8th November I was told.

Daily prices are now 42 ARS p/p and 62 ARS for motorhome. Average but very useable Movistar LTE signal at the campsites near the administration. Working electricity and fresh water.

At arrival, the check-in lady advised us to camp near the administration and not too much further: "not that anything is going to happen, but..."; we got the message and camped in the first free spot after the administration (as almost everyone else was doing).
A little too noisy during our first night (Thu-Fri): dogs barking incessantly. Will update with state of other facilities and our further 2 nights here.

Stayed 3 nights. Very inexpensive price at ARS 42 p/p + ARS 62 for the motorhome; didn't charge us for our pickup truck.

Good electricity, water and showers, no wifi, but good Movistar 4G cell signal.

In the early morning of the day we left, some jerk from a trailer unplugged our motorhome from the wall so he could have the two electricity plugs to charge his two phones simultaneously -- we choose not to make a fuss as we were leaving anyway, but future iOverlanders coming here be advised that some of the other customers can be real jackasses.

Price is Arg$ 62/motorhome and Arg$ 42/person. Electricity is included (argentinian socket, you need a connector), but no wifi.
The toilets are old, but they cleaned the toilets twice a day.
Pool was empty.

Nice old fashioned camping, serious hot water, facilities are ok if even old. 146 pesos a van with 2pp. We left the van here for 5 days while visiting Iguazú falls (lowcost connection Salta-Iguazú). Nobody touched it when returned, maybe because low season everything is quieter.. recommended

Like always lots of space.
Out of season
today 146 pesos argentios for 2 persons and a truck !!!

No wifi

Safe parking next to the guard house! We took a taxi to the centre. Be careful late at night! The taxi driver told us that the area surrounding the camping isn't the safest... Facilities very basic. Hot showers, toilets horrible....

Ok for one night. Basic but cheap. Panadería mentioned in above comments is really bad. Cheap but stale bread

This is basically the only campsite in Salta. Look, it's absolutely fine and super cheap. No wifi, showers that are just holes in the wall but work well and are hot. Toilets which are cleaned twice a day but no toilet paper or soap and pretty old fashioned. Potable water - quite empty this time of year. We arrived on a Saturday night and the guys at the gate were drunk and creepy but probably our fault for arriving so late. 35 mins walk to the centre of town. Brilliant panaderia outside we got breakfast bread there every day we were here. Pool was empty. Safe & Cheap.

We were here in april 2019. The camping is big and there weren't a lot of people here since the main season is in summer as the camping has a huge pool.
They have hot water 24h but no wifi. The price is 42pesos per person and 56pesos per tent.
It is too bad that the bathrooms are from 80s and that they didn't do any renovation as this is the only camping in the city.
Walking distance tocthe city center is 30min.

true that its the only place in town and it's a good place to meet people but there is literally foot high writing scrawled on the wall in human shite in the mens shower room.
we told the manager and nothing was done.

so there's that..

Only place close to Salta.
Places for trucks.
Places also with grass for tents.
Ammunities are old and well maintained.
Good for one night. Not more for us.

huge campground, still 146 arg. Pesos for two plus car. Hot showers all day, not really new, relatively clean, at this time of the year only few people, pool was out of order

Not so nice campground in Salta. You have hot showers with water coming out of vertical pipes and toilets. The campground is not very well maintained. There is electricity with Argentinian connectors. You can walk in one hour into the city. One car is 56ARS, one person is 56ARS and one tent is 42ARS. The (really, really big) pool is empty now. There is no official WiFi but you can ask someone at the gate or the boss. You (I) get (got) the WiFi password. The WiFi was fast and working on the bench in front of the building of the boss.

Good place to stay in Salta.
Very cheap (146pesos for 2p and 1 van / 98pesos for 1p and 1 tent)
Bathrooms ok, and a very big pool full during high season.

this place is not recommended in high season. there are no toilet doors or seats or even usable toilets. the swimming pool is super dirty and prepare for loud music 24/7 also there some dogs which are barking all night long.
the price is still 146 (2p.+car) but it's way to much for what you get.
we also get warned not to leave stuff laying around.

Too busy in high season.
If yo stay here, do not stay at the roadsite.

Only 146 pesos (2pax+travelcar)

We slept here one night and it was fantastic. Clean, friendly people and we loved the big pool. 146ARS/night (2+van)

We liked this place. It's definitely run-down, but they were constantly cleaning it. It's a big place, but even still, try to stake out a place where you will have some personal space. And don't leave your stuff out. The staff were friendly. They hire some intimidating "bouncers" to stand at the gate but all very nice (and we were happy they were there; they kicked out any drunk guys). They were filling the swimming pool when we left, looks pretty cool!

Good stop for us, easy to get cheap taxi to central. Showers had unlimited hot water, old bathrooms but kept clean. Pool empty here in October/November...good because not crowded and calm! Good playgrounds for kids.

Buen local. Tranquilo y muy espacio. Água, energia 220V, quinchos con pileta y partilha. Baños y duchas calientes. Um Grand piscina pero solo llenan en verano. Tarifas diárias $32 pesos argentinos por persona y $46 por RV o casa rodante. Cambio a $31 pesos por dólar.

Amplio local para RVs, carpas, Campers. Água, energia 220V, quinchos con pileta y parrilla. Baños y duchas calientes.
Diárias $32 Arg por persona y $46 por RV. Cambio en la fecha $31 arg por us$ dólar.

Huge Camping, old but cleaned twice a day. Unfortunately only two or three showers are useable due to poor maintenance. Water boiling hot! Place was luckily nearly empty....Good bus to city centre on doorstep. Nothing to complain for 110 two persons and camper. No Wi-Fi.

old neglected BUT CHEAP. so nothing to complain about. great location for shopping and friendly staff. I suppose compared to most other campings in Argentina great value for money. nothing beats a nice campsite in the bush. But for one day to do shopping etc perfect. maybe in summer this is a great place with huge pool. i am sure it will be packed. just wonder how the poor infrastructure will handle it.

Cheap place to stay in Salta. In this time of the year there were just a hand full of people camping there. Still no internet. We stayed 8 nights here.
The toilets are really rotten and bad smelling. Showers are useable but not great. But hey, for the price it is really okay.

(If you‘re looking for a nice and clean toilet and a fast internet, go to „Rey Carancho“, next to the Temple Bar 😉)

We found it as very okay place to stop for one night or two at this time of the year. We have been here during the week so cannot comment about weekends. Good price ($110 for 2+truck), spacious, electricity, clean, very hot and unlimited time shower, safe. It has the biggest pool I ever seen, but empty at this time. We saw staff early morning collecting the garbage, cleaning the toilets, doing rounds for security. Yes, it need some serious refurbishment but despite the poor and simple condition of the facilities the place is kept mostly clean. We would return.

No WiFi, rotten sanitaries and empty pool . Well, may be the best Option in town, 110 for us 2 with camper is cheap. Electricity works. Not very quiet. Nice shop near entrance.

Ok place to visit Salta. The huge pool is emty at this time of the year. Look at your stuff. Poeple enter to steal.

Good value for money. 131 pesos for 2 adult + 1 child + motorhome. Run down but clean and funktion ok when we were here. Wi-Fi bad.

Camping municipal tranquille en semaine, éviter le WE. 110 pesos pour 2 personnes + le CC. Grande piscine, possibilité d’aller au centre ville en bus. Sanitaires et wifi pas terrible.

Worst toilets I've ever experienced outside of India. The ammonia stench in the men's room is a serious irritant to the eyes and throat. Poop graffiti too. Awful, just awful. Avoid if possible.

Fairground atmosphere. We came in the summer and found almost every spot taken. We camped in a parking lot at the back end of the park. Hundreds of day users come each day and at night it clears out with only overnight campers left. Still hundred tents at least. Not for people looking for peace and quiet. Pool is nice and refreshing though.

Good location, with grills, swimming pool, all fenced and quiet location.

Really cheap place in Salta. 67 pesos for 1 people with car. The place is pretty big, grassy areas, shades, friendly staff, 24 hours hot showers, free Wi-Fi even if it's unstable, sinks for dish washing or laundry, power, huge facilities, gates guarded full time.
Bad points : It can be pretty noisy in the morning and evening as you may be next to the road, run down and smelly bathrooms but clean and few mosquitoes.

Over all, it's a good campsite. I didn't get any problems with the long term residents and it was nicely quiet during night time.

old but nice, big and clean campsite (toilets and showers are cleaned twice per day!). it was quiet during the week. easy access to the center with the bus station just in front of the gate. small supermarket and bakery at 50 m walking. access to WiFi close to administration. not all sites have electricity points. very close also to area with mechanics and spare parts shop. it is also on the road to Cafayate. very cheap we paid 126 p per day for two adults a car and a tent. very good value for money

Great camping option. The facilities are a bit run down but it has everything you need for a very fair price. We paid 94 for 2 people + truck. Large bathroom house with hot showers, wifi, electric at sites, concrete picnic tables, & bbq pits. The property is huge but WiFi only works closer to the office. Covered pavilion with bbq pits, sink and lights. We parked near the pavilion with several other campers and had no problems with noise. Everyone was friendly. A sign at the entrance says no alcohol but we had no issues keeping our beer/wine in cups. Good bakery 3 blocks to the left when leaving the property. Recommended.

Above average camping compared to most of Argentina. Nice toilets, camp sites are maintained, plenty of space, good prices. No beers allowed though, which sucked a bit. Wifi code is now: [Password removed by moderator.]

Good place. Quiet even on the weekend if you park at the far back. Showers hot but as run down/dirty as described. Electricity at the sites included. 94$ for a camper + 2ppl

Good value for the price! Showers are warm, WiFi at entrance and quiet at night, even on a weekend. Grills all over, enough power outlets.

We will recommend this camping, better than other camping in Argentina !
Price: 27$Arg pp + 36$Arg for the Tent.
Electricity at site, wifi close to administration.
Bus to the center: 5$Arg
The "Gipsy family" where there but no noise and no problem !
Security at the entrance, we let our bicycle and our tent 2days without problems.
Shower are hot, clean but without doors for the men's.
Good and cheap place to visit Salta

The only camping in Salta. Looks like every municipal campings but this one is a bit more run down.
The men's showers are smelly and ugly, women's showers are much better so I went there although the woman from the admin was not happy with that. At least hot water.
And there is a huge gypsy family living in tends and in a kiosco. Many children and everyone (including parents) is shouting from one side of the camping to the other. Even at night. This family is soooo annoying. Poor is one thing but disgusting is another thing.
Not a camping I would recommend but there is no other option and Salta is nice.
Get a place far away from the family and use the banos at the end of the camping. Even if there is no internet.

Cheapest option to stay in Salta. We paid about 70 pesos for two persons in a tent and a motorcycle. Loved the bakery 's in the neighbourhood.

Huge Campsite. Paid 94 Pesos for two and a small van (27 p.P, 40 per car). Good WiFi available at the Administration. And yes, i have never seen such a big (empty) pool. Bathrooms are old but clean.

They emptied the pool on the 25th of February... Without this, the camping looks really bad! Dirty toilets and surroundings. No wifi away from reception. We stayed 1 hour and flew away!

Big pool, cheeps price, showers 3 fonctional,

Well.. it reminded me of some campgrounds in the US. Has all of the basic necessities, water, showers with hot water, bathrooms and pit toilets even a nurse in place and a huge pool. Wifi signal open at the entrance. Each spot has electricity and tables and grill

Wow, what a big pool.
crowded and noisy at the weekend but the kids loved the pool.

Stayed here several times when passing through Salta - don't know what it is about this place but we love it... Hot showers, average wifi, asado, crazy big swimming pool, mini mercado and panaderia nearby... 71 pesos for 2 people and a van.

As all the other comments. Better in off season than in high season. Good price-quality mix.

We liked our stay here! Very lively campground. We came during a time of a big pilgrammage and fiesta in the city - barbeque galore in the campground! Toilets had no toilet seat cover so a good workout for the thighs. But it was all clean and hot showers so no complaints here! Password for campground wifi [Password removed by moderator.]

71 Pesos for 2 people and 1 car. Nice showers and toilets. Potable water. Wifi. Even though there were quite some people, it didn't feel that crowded as there is a lot of space.

Busy even in the winter! Not so quiet, a lot of drunk teenagers... but it's the cheapest place to stay in Salta! Hot showers 24hr/day :) Bus to the center: 3B or 7D. Generally you need a card to pay in buses, but can just ask locals to pay for you. 4.3 peso or 4.7 peso /one bus ride (off-peak/peak hrs).

this is more or less the only place for camping in salta. the facilitys are old and many sanitary things are in a bad condition. there is power and water und there ist a free wifi from the balenario and from the salta government, but very unstable. we paid for three nights with two of us und our motorhome 213 Pesos. that is o.k. for this kind of place. there is a good bakery only 50m out of the gate to the right and they offer free internet to there customers, and there is also a small, but well stocked supermarket 150 m to the right.

Great place to stay in Salta. Good WiFi and 71ARS for 2 persons in a van.

Campground is part of a large swimming pool complex. Ablution maintenance is average. Wifi, electricity. Grassy with trees. Some shelters for tents. ARS 71 (2 adults, camper)

Big municipal camping. Was a bit worried based on the reviews, but it's not so bad. Toilets & showers are so-so, but not the pit toilets like before - it's usable. And very cheap.
Can be a bit overland crowded - seen 7 other overlanders when we were here :)
To go to the centre - take the bus 3B. If you don't have the bus card, just ask the locals in the bus if you can use theirs (and pay them).

Big municipal camping. Was a bit worried based on the reviews, but it's not so bad. Toilets & showers are so-so, but not the pit toilets like before - it's usable. And very cheap.
Can be a bit overland crowded - seen 7 other overlanders when we were here :)
To go to the centre - take the bus 3B. If you don't have the bus card, just ask the locals in the bus if you can use theirs (and pay them).

really cheap campsite (20$ Pp and 27$ for a car). free wifi at réception. electricity on campsite, asados. Bus 3b or 7d go to city center. close to mini market, pharmacy and bakery. try the bakery 400m on the left of campiste when going out, really good. showers and toillets are minimal. Guards are entrance are serious and usefull. Some people live there year round.

It was an OK place to stay and dog friendly. Not the cleanest but everything seemed to work ok. 20 pesos per person and 31 pesos for the motorhome. 40 pesos for a cab ride to the main plaza in town.

... Swimming Pool... More like Lago Salta. Ar$47 for one human. Better looking than Tilcara last night. Banos need a serious make over! Pit toilets some with no doors. None of the showers had doors or curtains. Also no shower heads. So far nothing was stolen... Haha... But I'm keeping a close eye on my kit. The next morning I complained about the dreadful banos but the staff was not at all interested in my story. The mayor of Salta will get an email.

Very cheap, two people plus camper AP71 in peak season.....but a good 3kms from the Center, although there is a bus stop directly outside the main gate. The facilities are very old and very tired....but this is the best there is in Salta unless you fancy camping out on the street. Weekends would be very noisy we are told, but we are here on a Monday and it is quiet.

As said before Pool was empty. The bathrooms/showers are okay in the main building, the others are very! very basic and the toilets are asian style. Nevertheless, we had a great time here. If you don't park right at the entrance it's quiet and not that busy (even on a saturday Night). Wifi didn't connect though full reception. We paid 61 for two adults, a baby and a Camper. We finally could get rid of the desert in the car which was Great after many many days offroad and sooo much dust. Grass and shade available. 1164m altitude, so quite warm!

A rather shabby place. Abandoned balneario/city park. Weak internet by the entrance. Surprisingly nice, consistently hot showers in the large white building across the administration.

Quiet camping zone. Huge swimming pool that is only used two months a year so itˋs currently not available. wi-fi´ hot showers, potable water, grills and decent toilets. Fee is $15 arg pesos per person per day + $20 for tent and $20 for vehicle. Thereˋs a kiosko right next to it and a panaderia next to the kiosko. We were advised by the administration not to leave things outside the vehicle or tent if we are not around for security reasons.

Just Perfect with kids... Playground, place to do bicycle, space to run and shadow to do school... 31$ per motorhome, 15$ per adult, 10$ per kids = for us 91 pesos per night

61 pesos a night. Hot showers, toilets clean, rubbish collected regularly and quiet during the week . No problems with dogs though around administration .

OK campsite. 61 pesos for two people and a van. Weak internet near the administration.

Not very pretty and not very clean. Lots of rubbish on the grounds.
But we're not spoiled 😉, and all the facilities are working and are reasonable.
We paid $AR 62 for two with a camper.
Lots of stray dogs on site.

Hige campground, nothing fancy but clean, even had Wifi

We paid $ 61 (2 persons and a car/tent). We had a bad impression. Some people looked like they were living in the camping, the tents were built in the kitchen area and they had it for their own. No one seemed to bother. The administration also burns the trash near the tents area, so there was smoke constantly.

Campground now has wifi. Current prices are: A$15/adult and A$10/child, plus A$20/car, A$31/other vehicles, and A$20/tent.

Scruffy campsite set around a very large pool that was empty when we were there. Hot showers and water. Cost 31 pesos for a camper plus 8 per person, total 47 for a night. We were also warned about petty theft as some things had been stolen earlier in the week so need to pack everything away.

- 8 ARS per person + 32 ARS for a van (approx.)
- plenty of electric outlets
- hot showers 24 h/day
- not very pretty, but probably the only campsite in town
- huge pool, empty when we were there
- lots of shade
- calm at night (Wednesday, May), but we heard it can get noisy during weekends (disco nearby)
- risk of petty theft according to the managers

Zentraler Campingplatz an einem riesigen (leeren) Pool in Salta. Der CP liegt nahe an der Strasse, tagsüber viel Verkehr, nachts aber ruhig. Sauberer Sanitärbereich mit sehr heißen Duschen. Viele Grillplätze im gesamten Bereich. Mit dem Bus oder dem Taxi ist man schnell im Zentrum.
Strom / Wasser / DU / WC / Pool (nur in der Saison offen)

Overnight space with noise, barbecue areas, isolated electricity, water, toilets and showers. Swimming pool without water. Peso 46./Night bad value for money

Very large campsite with a massive swimming pool (only filled in the summer) – empty in November. Toilets and hot showers – being refurbished while we were here. Electricity (most sockets don’t work) and water. Cost is ARS 25 per night for an RV and 6 per person per night (total AR$37 per night). Buses into town are 7D and 3B (Return on Ituzaingo – stop opposite VEA supermarket). Try not to stay on a Saturday night unless you like to party until the early hours or have a good set of ear plugs as there is a nearby nightclub which plays music until 6am! WIFI is available at the small coffee shop just outside the gates or at the COPEC petrol station on the main road about 400m away.

This is the best place to stay in Salta. Although we heard there is a disco club nearby, and it's best to go elsewhere on weekends. The gargantuan swimming pool is only full 2 months of the year, but the rest of the campground is still well maintained. Don't leave things laying around here. Many overlanders have reported thefts. No internet, but we found unlocked networks nearby.

This camping is actually a giant kidney shaped swimming pool with benches, tables and grills are the edge. The sites are very close to the swimming pool. Very hot shared showers, clean but basic toilets. The bus to the center of Salta leaves right outside the campground.

(6 arg. Peso / person and 25 arg. Peso / car)

1175m. Amenities: 4 / price: 2 / our rating: 2. A/31 per night. Dirt lot / dispersed sites / some grills and tables. Not much to look at when the pool’s drained (9 months out of the year). But it is cheap and the only camping option in Salta. There is a Chango Mas (big box grocery) just across the river. There is wifi and tables at the Refinor gas station on Av. Paraguay. The 3B bus will take you from the campground to the square (A/1.75 per person, change only).