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Final place to drop your RV for RORO or container.

Park in the center median.
Walk to the left of the vehicle gates, turn in paperwork from previous Aduana to first window.
Pay $79, receive permission to come to port.
Drive your vehicle in, only driver allowed. The others can enter from the Garita (blue gate).
Get inspected/photos/dog search
Hand in keys
Wait to sign one last document stating they received the vehicle without damage.
Walk out with your luggage.

Lots of waiting, but pretty painless. There is a water fountain and a trash can.


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To pick up our motorhome (coming from Cartagena on a flat rack), we came just before 08.00, gave them the key, then went to the aduana in zone franca (see ioverlander). Once all the paperwork was done, we came back here for the release stamps (more papers, but they do copies themselfes). Payed 101$ for port and fumigation fees. Then an aduana agent looked quickly inside the car and off we went. Took us 2h15.

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It tooks me less than 1 hour. No waiting, I was the only car 😀. Dog did his job in 2 minutes, a guy chdcked VIN, another one took pictures frm tbe outside ... that was it. Key were placed in the car and a final "firma" and I went out ...

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As described. This is the last step. We paid $79USD. You'll do inspection, dog sniffing, and then give your keys away. Total process took us 1.5 hours.

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When collecting your vehicle ( we were on a flat rack - but I assume it is the same place for all vehicles ) , you have to drop your keys here ( and show BL and passport) for them to offload and bring it to you, you are not allowed in. Better to handle your keys before going to the Aduana as it does take some time ...

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it's now 79$. was the same for all of us (8 overlanders that day)

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After you make the U-Turn, immediately park on the left with the trucks. Walk across the street to the covered pedestrian walkway and check-in with the guard. Leave a piece of ID in exchange for a badge.

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For flat rack sharing we had to visit all four windows and get various stamps. Almacenaje first for $73. Then go to window to the left of Almacrnaje. They do an inspection with a dog. Then back to window on left (2nd you went to). They give a form with a stamp. Take everything to window on far right (aduana I think), adjacent structur.. Then go to window to left of that window. Should be done after that!

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Last step. Where you Park your Rv.
You give all the paper the aduana gave you and you pay 72$. Narcotic inspection with à dog and a signature and all done !

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Here is where they now collect also the port fee what is 72 dollars. Park your car as instructed and walk next to the main road 50meters same way as the traffic goes. On the right side is the entrance for the people. Thei will need some kind of id and you will get a visitors pass to walk into the port area. Once there ask the official to open the gate and you will be able to drive in for the inspection. Some people had to remove all the bigger boxes from their camper for inspection. We did not. Nice helpful lady with a sniffer dog went trough our camper quickly and opened only 3-4 cupboard doors. Kept referring to me as "my friend" :)

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Three driveways. Use far left one and pull up to locked cyclone fence. (Not the 4 tall lanes ones where big semis are going in.)
Once in security guard showed where to drive and where I, the passenger, could get a Visitor's Pass and help spouse with paperwork. Turned in original stamped BOL and $71 Alacemaje receipt and one copy each that those offices gave us. Man with drug dog went through camper, truck and around outside. Then more waiting. Then three men walked around taking pictures. More waiting. Then guard had us take luggage out and wait behind security fence. Someone came and drove truck away. Then after about 40 more minutes, papers came back to office, stamped, signed and returned to us.

Entire Port process took 3 hours. No one said anything about propane tank left in camper or about any non-perishable food left in camper. Only item left in truck was in locked storage box which guard with dog did ask for us to open. Everything else had been moved to locker camper.

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Here was the longest step for us : lasted 2 hours!
However we found - thanks to the port staff - a wonderful taxi man : reliable, patient, honest and friendly. You can call him and ask him to come and wait for you in front of the gate. He's from Colon and charges 60 $ for Ciudad Panama. Hipolito : cell 6513 - 8866

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Expect thorough search of your vehicle beside sniffing dog search, the 21 yeAr old aduana kid can gonon a vendeta, just because he is the boss for half an hour. He'll throw things around in the van as he would have paid for them, rude mickey mouse.

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Step 4. Leave your car. Wait for photos. Wait for dog drug inspector. Wait for papers. Wait Wait... Now the last step : hand up to call a taxi to go where you want (we go back to panama city with touristic train. with AC, Quiet and enjoy) and don't forget... pray for the car.

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Final place to drop your RV. You have to walk on left side entrance , get stamp, permission to come to port. Then you drive your vehicle in, only driver allowed, get inspected, hand in keys and walk out with your luggage. Next book the flights ...btw foreign cards have trouble booking..

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