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5 months ago
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Archaeological Site. Very impressive!!
We came late in the afternoon and asked for permission to stay overnight
at the parking lot. We got permission.


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Opened up again. Restrooms on site. 2-3h of walking if you take your time and go up all the stats.

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Currently covid closed. Here now to confirm what google said.

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This place is permanently closed.

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Stopped by and did the tour! Amazing site.
We asked if we could spend the night- said yes- just asked for my ID - which I got back the next day at 9am.
No charge for parking/camping spot.
Tour $65/person.

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amazing ruins that are truly larger than Life. had a nice 2-hour hike around the archaeological zone and really enjoyed all of the rock pyramids. I got in for free because they said they were out of tickets... However normally it's 60 pesos

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very beautyful and interesting place. great! stood over night on the parkingarea with friend. they allowed us to stay. nice museum.

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Beautiful place totally worth a visit, takes about 2hrs for the whole site. 60.- pp entry fee.
We didn’t try to camp here.

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We asked for permission to stay overnight and the lady at the entrance told us that's probably not allowed. When we came back from sightseeing, we asked a guy at the parkinglot, who wasn't sure as well, but after a while he came back with an official guy in an INAH uniform and he told us we're welcome to stay, but we should be aware that the gate will be closed from 7 pm to 9 am. No fee.

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Really enjoyed this. Would recommend. Nice long walk through really neat pyramid ruins. 55pesos per person. Museum. Clean toilets. Did not ask to camp. Just a parking lot.

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We arived at 17.00 o clock and ask if we can park for the night and see the pyramid tomorrow.the said its not allowd...

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Archaeological Site
Very impressiv !!
We came late in the afternoon and asked for permission to stay overnight
at the parking lot. We got permission.

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