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3 months ago
1111.9 masl


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Informal camping in dirt lot on this working ranch. Amazing MTB trails setup for the public to ride from this spot also. Shower and flush toilets available for trail users. Donations requested for use.


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Great spot to mtn. bike, not many places outside Tahoe and Vegas area. Thi s is NOT for people just looking for a stop off the highway. It's for people using the trails. While here, two deadbeats showed up for a shower. I was talking to the owner at the time. they lied to his face about hiking in the area, eventually saying well, driving from Washington was quite a hike. When asked about a donation their long pause and shiftiness made clear these takers just intended to grab a hot shower, maybe do laundry in the sink, and head out. So don't do it! Don't ruin another place with your race to the bottom. If you donate, probably okay, but it seems he wants to promote some eco tourism. The town does not seem rich ...

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The place is nice kinda confusing in the dark to get around I felt bed because I came in at night and I guess I scared the lady or something so she drove up next to me I just asked if I could indeed stay here and she said yes I just felt bad worrying her she was very nice about it tho really appreciate it

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Passing this way again and headed for the Spicer ranch. Hot, hot shower. Very appreciative of this families generosity.

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what an amazing gift. Thank you Spicer Family.

Shower felt amazing. Worth so much to me.

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Nice spot except for unending line of trucks on nearby highway. Hard shell campers probably won’t hear too much inside. Wonderful warm, clean bathroom and showers! Donations requested. FYI, there is NO electricity at sites (a few outdoor outlets in picnic area) and no WiFi. Verizon service is good. Didn’t get to meet the owner. Maybe next time. Mountain biking trails are awesome! Spent two days riding hard. Also FYI, trails are almost universally narrow, so even if they are labeled green, some may not be happy;) Big thanks to ranch owner Dave Spicer!

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muy buenas instalaciones con todos los servicios.. tiene buzón de donaciones

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Beautiful, clean ranch.
HOT showers. Thank you! Leaving generous donation.

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Informal camping in dirt lot on this working ranch. Amazing MTB trails setup for the public to ride from this spot also. Shower and flush toilets available. Donations requested for use.

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Excellent place to mountain bike or hike. There are several donation boxes so please use them if you stay here. All private land and the owner likely will personally greet you. Very family friendly place.

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