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Bring your own hose. Super easy to get to.
And Free!


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Pretty low key. Went in the middle of a Sunday. There were some paddle boarders and lots of cars in the lot but it was quiet out. We just used the hose that was already there.

You can parallel park in the road right next to the spigot and fill up discreetly. Nobody seemed to even notice us.

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water is flowing and doesn't have any not potable signage.

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Works great - filling up at 8pm and no one is around to care

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This place is permanently closed.

edit 4/28/2023: Indeed the spigot was replaced and better than ever.

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They closed this faucet as of this week. Was unable to get water.

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Looks like the city cut off the spigot and plugged it up. You can no longer get water at this location.

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Open and easy to get to. Not sure about the correct location but easy to find.

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Easy access. Not sure if potable (no signs and didn’t ask) but filled up since others have already. Will report back if we get sick lol

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Great water source. Free. At a boat ramp, low key.

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Perfect free fresh water before going down to Baja

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Bring your own hose
Super easy to get to
And Free!

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