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11 months ago
1325.8 masl


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Artificial waterhole with a great chance to see a variety of animals.


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Not much animals to see. Still water in the hole.

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We saw a herd of at least 40 elephants today, no other vehicle. What a treat!

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One of the best man-made waterholes in Etosha with frequent lion sightings. The road can be a bit bad, but you will be rewarded. There might be also some rare animals, like honey badgers. Not many people around in this area, so sightings are more private than Okaukuejo-Halali-Namutoni area. Don’t miss the hide in Olifantsrus Camp!

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Still has water. Giraffes, zebra, gemsbok.

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There was water in (dec 2018)

Saw Rhino, Elephants, Oryx, zebra, springbok, giraffe, oestrich

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it was almost dry and we saw just two girafes and a small group of sprinhoks

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Waterholes are a hit is you want to see animals! We arrived at various waterholes around 9/10 AM and saw a variety of animals(zebra, warhog, all sorts of antelopes, ostriches, smaller cats etc.)

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