Los Coyotes (Bahia de Concepcion) | Established Campground



Last Visited: 2 months ago
GPS: 26.714613, -111.905320
Altitude: 6.2 masl
Place Website:


Electricity: No
Wifi: No
Kitchen: No
Restaurant: No
Showers: No
Water: Non-Potable
Toilets: Pit Toilets
Big Rig Friendly: Yes
Tent Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes
Sanitation Dump Station: Unknown

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MODERATOR NOTE: WARNING! Sexual Assault reported in this location. Please use caution. See note below.

Beautiful beach campground. Clear blue water and amazing landscape view! Friendly vendors will offer you non-potable water in giant blue tubs as well as an array of food. You won’t have to leave if you don’t want to. M200 per Night, negatiated to 500 Pesos for 3 Nights.

There is a man named Marcelo that comes by trying to sell horse back riding trips. He’s hilarious and totally suave. We liked him immediately. We were undecided so he came back the next day and the next. We didn’t end up going but the day after we left our friends at the campground invited him to sit and have a drink. When the male half of the couple walked away to pee, Marcelo assaulted the woman. He fled when her boyfriend came back around the corner hearing her in distress. PLEASE do not trust this man. Be safe.


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absolutely beautiful nice little palapa, gorgeous view.

Beautiful area of la Bahia Concepción, we saw a gorgeous sunrise and the sting rays jumping early in the morning. Easy access of the highway and garage cans to get rid of trash. That being said, very crowded and noisy. The trucks often use their Jake brakes so bring ear plugs and people like to party late. Not a place for a quiet getaway but it’s good to get a change of pace from our normal choice of spots. Seriously bring ear plugs and watch out for TP left all over the beach. If you have dogs, there are a ton of cats or something on the cliffs so maybe keep los perros on a leash

Beautiful beach camping spots with palapas. Pit toilets and garbage cans provided. Clean and well maintained. No cell coverage on Verizon.

I spent three nights here last week and came back for two more nights this week. It is 200 pesos a night, but I managed to get three nights for 500. the vendors will come by and you can usually get a palapa. the road noise was a little bad, camping at the south/east end of the beach you’re right below the highway, but you’re at the bottom of a little bay which makes the water the calmest. The Biolumes are great down here and I recommend a night paddle/kayak/canoe trip to fully enjoy them.
There a garbage cans and the open pit toilets weren’t too bad.

Great spot. 200 per night. A guy came by and took money from us and gave us a receipt. Calm water for snorkeling and kayaking

Beautiful azure waters and uncrowded. We rented a kayak from a vendor and paddled out to the nearby islands. Gorgeous landscape and sunsets. 200 pesos per night. Nice stop on our way south. Our last day was really windy!

Great place. Some noise from the road when the trucks drive down the hills using their engine brakes. Short wake up the hill on the west side provides a great sunset.

Stayed here two nights before moving somewhere with fewer RVs. Beautiful spot but the big rig culture has taken over.

Very beautiful beach on Bahia Concepcion. We stayed for 3 nights and paid 200 pesos per night. Did not pay all at once so we don't know about a different rate if you pay up front. Apparently Los Coyotes and Cocos beaches are run by the same concessionaire. A long term resident told me that a percentage of the fees are given to the government. We felt very safe at this location.

Lovely Beach, well maintained. Recycling bins for glass, aluminum, cans and so on. Pit toilets clean. Food, water, propane etc. is delivered to the sites from local businesses every day. Well worth the 200 Pesos a day.

Fabulous! 200 pesos per night with palapa. We stayed 3 nights. We could have spent our entire trip here.

we parked-up for 24hrs on a weekday out of season and nobody came from any money. The entrance gate is open and un-staffed. Beautiful beach/bay. Park at the very furthest corner to minimise road noise. It's worth getting out to waters around the largest island if you want to snorkel. water is clearer and there are more fish. we have our own kayak but they have kayaks for rent on the beach some days. very peaceful night.

dont follow gps from this app. you can type playa el coyote on google map. the sign is pretty small so dont miss it. we chose the site after you passed tiny road along the shores. it is a nice beach when it is not windy. there are so many vendors that come and go to offer you their stuff. ice cream every other day in the evening. clams everyday. and etc. we paid 200 pesos a night with palapa dont know if it would be the same without palapa. no signal no atm near by.

beach was amazing! quiet neighbors. went for a swim in the morning. a few vendors, no one asked me to pay

Good place, no Sun After 5pm
Prendre les places tout au bout de la plage pour ne pas être dérangé la nuit par le bruit de la circulation, pas de point d'eau et 200 pesos la nuit. La plage est superbe et l'eau très claire

Bahia Concepcion is absolutely stunning with great sea life and incredible kayaking. This site was a good choice to enjoy it. The vendors will come and offer you anything... our neighbor rented kayaks for very little! Hot springs to the south are decent. Usually try to collect fees around noon or four, I was never there and didnt pay for three days. Technically they don't own the beach, so no hard feelings. Only facilities are outhouse to the south. Fantastic beach.

Island to the west has camping, caves, and so much life! Biolumones on the beach at night. Restaurant and market north on the road are pretty solid. Concepcion is one of the best bays in Baja, and you'll have to play the game to get access but it is very worth it.

Just stayed one night. A lot of truck noise though out the night. Had many sand flies- had about 20 red spots all over after leaving here.

As expected, it qualifies as the noisiest beach among the 4 or 5 around, but the noise is not constant : only when a truck comes by, you need to pause your conversation for 2 or 3 seconds. Why do people come here ? Long term'ers for the community. Short term'ers for the length of beach (easier to get a spot along the water).
Lots of services offered for extra fees : potable water, non-potable water, sewage truck on Sunday, laundry on Saturday (comes back on Monday), fruit and veggies, meals (tamales, shrimp cocktail, etc.), firewood, etc.
Restaurant in El Burro at walking distance. Social activities in same area, movie night, pig roast, etc.

We were expecting to pay $150mxp after the last reviews, but the guy made us pay 200 and he was a bit difficult about it (he stopped us on the way out).

Great beach, great people, great services.
Trucks are loud but they get quiet at night as only a few drive at night.
We stayed without palapa and paid $150mxn.
Ended up staying a second night after hiking over the mountain to a secluded bay and beach (well marked trail at south end of beach)
We might stop on our way north to try the hot springs.

Buen lugar, playa de arena blanca y agua azul turquesa.
perfecto para snorkel, paddle surf o kayak.
150 $ mex. la noche.

Super crowded; too crowded for us. Lots of long term seasonal gringos. The library was nice, we left a few books and took a few. Vendors came by offering food and horseback rides. Pit toilets were functional. We stayed one night only because it was bumper to bumper RVs and vans. We went north and found way less crowded beaches, which are all nice (the beaches that is)

Absolutely splendid on the northern edge, RV city at the southern most.

This is a wonderful beach especially for those with watercraft like kayaks and paddleboards. It is absolutely gorgeous and the small community of annual return campers are friendly. There's even a little outdoor "library." Camping is right next to the water, but be careful to not park too close a low tide or the tide could come in and you could find yourself in the water!

lots of months long residents, but very nice. plenty of pit toilets to choose from, but generally very unpleasant. there are hot springs on the right side of the bay.

Many others have commented on this really amazing place, so I will be brief. Arrived mid afternoon and found a nice spot with palapa (tiki house) for 200 pesos (a man will collect around 4:00pm). Enjoyed the sun and had a swim in the warm (not hot) water until about 3:30 when the sun went behind the mountain, so it got cool quick. The only real negative I can say about the place is the noise (all day and night) from the trucks and their motor brakes. Only stayed one night because of this noise.

Beautiful plates for camping snorkeling kayaking swimming and just playing having fun at the beach, The bathroom is terrible it’s a hole in the ground and it’s full of flies and there’s no shower,,,, besides that it is a perfect beach setting ,,, I definitely recommend it

Great spot. Lots of snowbirds but plenty of space to park our van. Right on the beach. We left earlier in the am and the high tide washed out the road a bit, we went slow and made it out fine. It’s close to the highway so a little loud at night. Highly recommend overall!

Wonderful place ! Paid 200 pesos for a night with palabras. We met others travelers it was very cool! No cell service.

Beautiful beach, drive past the rock to get to the far side. It’s further from the road, and a bit less crowded. People tended to come here to party, so there was a bit of noise – but incredible warm, turquoise water and great vibes. 150 pesos per night

Stayed here 4 nights in our van without a palapa. Amazing spot truly one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen! the landscape and the ocean blows my mind. We paid 150 a night and got non drinking water from the owner with a tip of 10 peso. Mexican families here all day and never saw another overlander

Torquoise waters. Beach lined with rv’ers, campers.
No facilities. Pit toilets too far from our spot.
In the evening a Jeep came around collecting 150 pesos to camp.
No service or WiFi.

Amazing place !!!! Maybe the best? Clear water turquoise and 20 min walk on sand beach, like a dream. Wind was not much at night. We stayed between the two beaches with no palapas (100$M). Just be careful, the water come's up in hight tide !! It was perfect day and night far from big RV's snowbirds who stayed more at the end of the second beach... no showers, no coverage, and didn't see toilets.

Calm beach with lots of 'permanent' snowbirds. We stayed in the middle of the two playas, a little turn out with a small sandy beach. Charged us 100,- peso.

It could be a very nice beach but way too much rubbish lying around for our taste. Therefore we didn't stay.

Beautiful beach with palapas. No amenities other than pit toilets which we didn't use. You can get water, ice fishing etc from locals on the beach. Good snorkeling around the rocks at the far end of beach

camped here twice on our trip - nice spot with beautiful calm waters and islands in the distance. on our way back north we stopped just for the night and arrived at 7 and left by 8 and didn't get charged.

we stayed at this campground for 4 nights and enjoyed it very much. Palapas rent for 150 pesos per night. Nice Bay to SUP and snorkel in. Vendors come to the beach each day selling seafood, vegetables, water and other supplies... a short walk to the north end of the beach and back to the road there are two restaurants to enjoy as well as a market

Very crowded (snowbirds and van) beach but beautiful landscape and crystal clear water. As described, you are on your own. Free if you don't use a palapa.

Palapas at the beautiful sandy beach. Pit Toilets are old. Lot of snowbirds there. We paied 150 Pesos for 1 night.

One of the nicest places to camp in Baja. Quite calm waters that are perfect for swimming. Pit toilets are horrible so be prepared. Would highly recommend this spot however be prepared to be one your own (water, toilet, etc). Nobody came to collect money - so free night. There will be locals and snowbirds (US, Canadian) camping here all the time.

- 144 pesos per palapa per night
- 108 pesos for dry camping per night
- the rest as described by others

Very crowded campsite occupied by permanent residents for 2-3 months at a time. We ended camping on the narrow strip of beach between the two official campsites. Even though it was crowded the beach was still beautiful with whale sharks swimming in the shallow waters and luminescence at night.

Too crowded for us. 5US$/night, nasty pit toilets, didn't stay.

Oh paid $6 night with no palapa. With palapa is $8

Amazon amazing amazing. Gorgeous beach! It is most decidedly not a secret but super friendly campers and vendors bring anything you need. Terrible put toilets

Dirt entrance to beach is north of the campsites at N26.72078, W111.91010. Beautiful beach with locals stopping by frequently offering food (tamales, empanadas, fruits, veg, seafood), nonpotable water, and textiles. There is a warm spring at low tide on the southeastern side of the bay, easiest to reach by swimming, but can also hike in. Great spot for kayaking with a couple of close islands to explore.

Everything is great EXCEPT we didnt sleep a wink because of sand flies. Maybe its a season event, but they got into our rooftop tent. The evening before this was VERY enjoyable.

Super nice beach, only a few campers. $144

Nice Spot, no one there: no vendors, no overlanders, no mosquitos, no wind. Stayed there for free. Awful pit toilet. Clear water. Very, very humid!!!

+ beautiful sight / almost empty in june! / warm water and clear ground - unfortunately there were some rv's with generators the whole night / locals left all their garbage after sunday / lots of mosquitos // 50 pesos per day / 100 for day and night

great place, exactly as described

great place, exactly as described

Amazing beach. Palapas for rent. Naaasty pit toilets. Flying vendors during the day (water, fruits, empanadas, dulces). Good Spot to meet other overlanders.

Beautiful beach campground mostly filled with snowbirds. Friendly vendors will offer you non-potable water in giant blue tubs as well as an array of food. You won’t have to leave if you don’t want to. ~USD $5.00

Fantastic Spot two meters from the turquoise waters. We met many nice people who stay at this beach for months (After Thanks-Giving, end of November, it will probably be very busy here). Some vendors come on over for water, fruits, vegetables, rolls, etc. Beside sufficient pit toilets, trash cans and nice Palapas no further camping facilities.

(Usually 90 pesos / day, but on the first night no one came for collecting, so we had 4 days for the price of 3)