Morrill RV Park | Established Campground



Last Visited: about 1 month ago
GPS: 21.024915, -101.252531
Altitude: 2064.0 masl
Place Website:


Electricity: Yes - At Sites
Wifi: No
Kitchen: No
Restaurant: No
Showers: Hot
Water: Non-Potable
Toilets: Running Water
Big Rig Friendly: No
Tent Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes
Sanitation Dump Station: Yes

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This is more of a parking lot at the owner's home, but if you can get in the (slightly) tight entrance, you have great walking access to central Guanajuato, as well as a beautiful view. To access this place, make sure that you stay on the access road that goes around the city. Do NOT let your GPS route you through the middle of the city (it is a nightmare).
Also, don't confuse this place with the junk yard up the street! Some spaces have electricity and running water. Bathrooms are clean and well maintained.


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As described, better suited for RVs but we made it work for our tent as it’s the only option in town. Zero shade so be prepared for hot days. Bathrooms were average, no hot water but that wasn’t really an issue. As for tranquility... not so much! Dogs are at it all night, by 4am the roosters get going,then there is the traffic (the campsite was mostly used a a car park with some early departures) we wore earplugs to get through the night. Price at time of visit was $90 per person, we stayed 2 nights. The road up there is steep and narrow, I bet it’s an ice rink in the rain! Walk to town is about 20’ coming back... uphill maybe a bit more. A few tiny tiendas around enough for beer, snacks and water.

It is open!

It was closed for some months because they didn‘t have any guests but now the place is open again.

Place is closed

This place is permanently closed.

I came here with recommendations from friends and travelers. Please note that the following review is most likely different from past reviews due to covid. The owners were very nice and they live on site. There were quite a few vehicles that use this place for parking. It is a great place to be a little away from the centro but still a nice walk to it through the cobbled streets.
The Not-do-Great. They did not have any hot water I’m guessing they decided to not fill the tank due to not many travelers. They also wanted to charge me (one camper) 180ppn
At the end they gave it to me for 150pp ( my friends stayed for 120 about a year ago and had hot water. For what you get it was a bit pricey. The space had great views and you didn’t have to drive through the tunnels. Big rig friendly but follow past directions!

Drove here the ‘tricky’ way with a Class B 6’ high and 20’ long, was ok. Place as described earlier. Beautiful view !

Description above is accurate, we also took the advice of entering via Panorámica and driving the 100m backwards down the one way street to enter. We had walkie-talkie to communicate. We are 12’ high x 8’ wide x 27’ long truck. Paid 200p p/night for family of 4. Walk down the hill & through the tunnel to Centro. Came for just a day, fell in love with city & stayed 4 nights. Felt very safe. Bathrooms were clean. owner is friendly. Drop yourself a What’s App location pin if you want a taxi back. Taxis are 50p within the city. Definitely take a taxi to the Mummy Museum. Enjoy!

What a great spot for small rigs! Getting here is a bit tricky, it's a long windy road and it's one way street into the campground. We ended up going the wrong way on the 1 way and stopping a few cars in traffic (they didn't love that) but it was the only way we would make it into the gate's entrance. If you're coming here, stick to the left rather than going around the block as google will tell you to do. The view is incredible and 100% worth it! You also can't beat the location. It's just a quick 10 minute walk into the city and you can explore all of beautiful Guanajuato. You will definitely hear dogs barking and lots of city noise, but it didn't keep us up at night. I would not come here with any rig over 28/30 ft. but it worked great for us. Electricity wasn't great, but the showers were nice with hot water and toilets on site. There is water and dumps at each "site".

There were 3 of us in our party with class c RVs (motorhomes). We are the biggest and have a Lazy Daze that is just under 27 feet long and we pull a 2 door Jeep Wrangler. We followed the advice of others and took the "Panoramic" route, however we definitely had to disconnect prior to getting here due to the tight turns and possiblity of needing to back up. There is a supermarket about 10 minutes away with a decent size parking lot where we did this. That plaza also has a laundry service which was nice. When going through the tunnels on the way into the city if you're in a tall vehicle be sure to stay to the middle and use both lanes like the local buses do. We sent one of the towed vehicles to the front to block the short section of one way traffic just before the entrance, as we could not fit coming from the other direction. This place is definitely more van / truck camper friendly as it is really a small parking area for locals. It was tight not only getting here, but getting into a spot as well. It is a nice walk down into the beautiful city and a uphill walk back.. after a little too much tequila we opted to Uber back from downtown for about $40 pesos.. so very cheap. We stayed 6 nights and paid $200 a night, it was more for us as we had 2 in our RV and had to pay to park the Jeep as well.. overall still very cheap. The bathrooms were clean and had great hot water! The views are amazing as well. Now for the bad part, other than getting here that is. ALL OF THE SPACES SHARE ONE 20 AMP BREAKER FOR ELECTRICITY. For us it was not a big deal as we the weather was nice and we all 3 have solar systems with inverters. While we were here there were our group of 3 RVs with our 2 towed vehicles, plus one small bus conversion, and a camper van. So had the weather been hot it would of been an issue trying for more than one of us to run an air conditioner. Luckily the breaker is in the little closet between the bathrooms should two of you try to make coffee at the same time or etc. As others noted the dogs are loud and bark all night long. However that is the entire city, it is not the dogs at the RV park. They are all over the city and the hills easily carry the sounds across. For us it wasn't a big deal as we just opened a window at the other end of the RV and ran a fan to drown out the dogs. I'm just mentioning it so you are aware. Overall this place was cheap, had great showers, an amazing view, and the locals are very friendly. However the one electrical breaker may be an issue for some, especially if the weather is hot. It's also a little stressful to get to due to the how the city is set up, not that's the RV parks fault. Just something to keep in mind. I doubt if anything much larger than us would of made it into the park. Excellent cell phone signal and speeds (T-mobile aka TELCEL here) I hope this helps!

Great stay. Beautiful view of city. Love a hot shower!

Awesome spot! Very dusty but ok. Like written before, take the detour to come in, entrance is tight. Worth every penny for the hot showers and the people there are super nice. Took spanish lessons (escuela falcon, we could bring our puppy with us!) and enjoyed afternoon walks in the city. Lots of fun things to do day and night. Be sure to go out at night at least once, it’s a whole different city! We felt super safe, just don’t walk the tiny streets in the middle of the night and you’ll be good!

Came through Guanajuato by chance and ended up staying 2 weeks here!!! Lovely owners. Clean hot showers and toilets. Amazing view. Grey water drain, power and water on site. It’s a bit of a parking lot for people who live near by but if you wait for them to leave during the day you can grab a nice spot. Downtown is super cool and about a 20 minute walk from the campsite. Amazing little city with lots of do and great Spanish schools. Took a week of lessons to try and up our Spanish speaking game.

I was charged 120 p for a single person with car. Although i had asked about what others were paying-90 per person he said that is only for 2 or more people. The location is great for overlanding. Dogs do not stop barking!! Bathrooms are clean and showers are hot! Stayed 3 nights. Bring ear plugs

We stayed one night. Price still 90 Pesos per Person. Perfect stay for this City. Easy way to come here with OSM maps on the bypass road...With big rigs you really should not do the city center with the (cool) tunnel system and the steep road leading from there up here. Nice hosts, great view and for a city super quiet night.

Pretty much as described by fellow iOverlanders. We paid M180 for the night (my wife and I). This is essentially a large, flat backyard with sweeping views of the Guanajuato hills. Clean showers with hot water. They close the gates after 2200 or so but Lupe will be more than happy to give you a key if you’re out late.

Overall fantastic spot, would stay again.

Still open . Antonio is very nice. 90MXN / person / night . Steep access road but nothing too bad. No shade. Electricity and water on site. Clean bathrooms and hot water shower. The view is amazing.

Small Carpark on the side of the hill with good hot showers, level places to park, a nice view and good walking access to town. Downsides are not much space or shade, and dogs and roosters are quite loud.

We didn’t have issues with the noise inside our vehicle which blocks a lot of sound, but our friend in a tent was kept up.

We didn’t have any trouble finding it coming via gps route with our small rig. Collectivo mini busses come up the same way.

Owner is friendly and accomodating.

We paid $250/night for 3 people (vehicle plus tent)

Just a described below.
Clean bathrooms, hot showers, nice view. Antonio is an absolute gent.
Dogs & roosters can be heard but nothing that requires ear plugs to sleep - at least it did not bother us.
Great place to stay to explore town. We stayed 3 nights.

Very hard to find and hard to access! Don't even try if you don't speak pretty good Spanish. Nothing larger than a camper can get in here. Clean bathrooms. Owner is friendly, Antonio. 180 pesos. Walk to town. Walk back is steep. No shade. Noisiest dogs in Mexico, bring earplugs.

The drive up is not for the faint of heart. if approaching from the west
keep on 110 do not turn right into the tunnel! keep left around the city on Panoramica rd and you will be OK.

Nice photogenic spot, the owner is great and friendly. The bathrooms clean with hot water. People leave in and out through the day as it's mostly a commuter parking lot since parking in the center is horrendous. The entrance gate is closed but the owner is there, so don't be deterred if you arrive and the gate is closed. There is power and non potable water available. The drive in coming from the panoramica involves some steep one way streets but is totally fine with an extra long sprinter or full size truck. Navigating the city by bus or any vehicle is challenging since many of the roads are under ground. The neighborhood that this place is located is known by "Barrio Neuvo". We spent two weeks doing a language courses at "Adelita language school" and for the price and the quality of instruction was totally worth it.

We have a Truck Camper with the following size: 6.1m length, 2.95m height and 2.5m width. Coming in through town was really tough, many narrow small roads, many tunnels and power cables hanging low. The place is perfect, very close to the center and has all the amenities. 170 pesos per night.

As being said, really nice spot with an awesome view over the city.
Street might be to narrow and steep for many vehicles though.

Great stop for the night. Coming from downtown, access was a bit steep for our westy but doable.
Nice view from there, with clean bathroom and hot showers. We paid 170pesos

We drove to this RV Park. We had to climb very steep and narrow roads. This was almost too much for our motorhome. Unfortunately, nobody was there so we went to the Bugamvill RV Park.

Awesome spot tucked in the hills of Guanajuato. Clean bathrooms and showers. This place is really tight to get up to - narrow cobblestone roads up steep hills. Be cautious if you have a larger vehicle and ID even suggest walking up before to ensure there is space. The lot us used for parking during the day so can fill up easily. Would highly recommend! Easy walking downtown.

Tight, windy roads on the way in would be tough for bigger rigs, but our 4Runner with a rooftop tent fit easily. Place was simple, with a very beautiful view and mostly quiet at night. Clean bathrooms and hot showers, with great walking access to the whole town of Guanajuato. 170 pesos/night

Good place for a few nights. The owner is very friendly and helpful. Clean toilets and showers. Little bit noise during the night because of the dogs all over the valley but we had no problems to sleep. The city is amazing!!

We took the panoramica but the last meters the wires are too low for our 3,65 m high RV. We did not use the other route.

The gate is locked all the time but the owner will give you a key if you ask him. The view is nice and to go downtown just walk down the hill and then through the tunnel. The toilets and showers are very clean, instant hot water!! Paid 170 Pesos per night.

The place is good for 1 or 2 nights. Nice view. But it is not a RV Park, it is a parking lot with many mexican cars. If you have bad luck the parking lot is full. The restrooms are not so clean. The place is a bit noisy, loud music and barking dogs.
The way to the town is short. You have to go through a tunnel. The town is beautiful!!!

Stayed here for over two weeks while we took Spanish classes in town. Great place. Nice owner. Very hot showers the entire time we stayed :). Paid around 160p per night with a free night thrown in here and there.

Wonderful place with nice views. Toilets are great and clean. Nice hot showers too 😊

We have been here before and it is still a great place to stay. Great view, it feels like being on a big terrace. The bathrooms are clean and well maintained and the owners are very friendly and welcoming. MXN 170.- car/night.

Very nice view. Paid 200 pesos. Plus d'eau chaude le deuxième jours car plus de gaz. No wifi. Good place for visiting center

150p/nuit, calme !
Douches chaudes, WC.. R.A.S
La route pour s'y rendre est un peu raide est étroite .. nous sommes passés avec un Sprinter .

Julien & Julie

reading all the prior comments we expected a tight squeeze for our 170 sprinter van but it's not bad at all. the road isn't that steep and the gate is very wide. there are a few lowish wires but we have a high roof 4x4 van with a rack and we we're well clear. definitely just take the panoramic and then come down the one way road (bear left at the top if the hill) it's just 150 meters down.

place is very clean, showers are hot (all the time) nude view of the colorful city. certainly some dogs barking but nothing that required ear plugs. no hugs of any kind for the 1st time in a while.

we negotiated from $200/night to $160/night for 3 nights.

see photos for details of road in

Lot full of cars with people coming and going all day and night. The owner blared music the entire first day/night. The showers were very cold. Cool city, but I would find something else if going back.

As described, walking distante to center. We followed the panoramica road. Not such a great view in my opinion. You have to ask in advance to get hot water

Great place in Guanajuato!!! Wonderful people! This is a parking lot with many flat spaces. People do come and go a bit because it is also rented to locals for long term car storage. It's a safe spot. Nice hot showers (the men's shower had reversed caliente and frío). Clean restrooms, toilet seats!!!, Beautiful view, and hookups worked well. In a gmc savana we had no issues thru the city as directed by gps, anything bigger, take the Panorámica. The canyon is like a guitar filled with dogs. They do quiet down late in the evening, but earplugs might be handy.

$150MXP/night. Can't wait to go back!

What an amazing city! For us it was great fun to drive through the small alleys and tunnels but don't even think about doing so in a US style big rig. And take up time: It's very likely that you get lost somewhere in this labyrinth and find yourself without a GPS signal. And the campground? Yes, it doubles as a parking lot (or should I better say the parking lot doubles as a RV park) but there is electricity and water on site and hot showers on demand. We liked it because it feels like living with the locals and the owners are very welcoming.

Mostly as described - up a very steep hill, with difficult access. We are a Toyota Tacoma with pop up camper and it was tight! Mostly dirt parking lot, which filled with knee deep water/mud with a heavy rain storm by evening and cleared by morning. Thankfully the heavy thunderstorm and rain saved us from the chorus of barking dogs and EDM discoteca music playing over the canyon. Electricity, water, clean flushing toilets and luke warm showers. 20 minute walk to town. $150 pesos.

The owners are nice and the bathrooms are clean and with hot showers but it's a parking lot. As for the view, it's OK but I wouldn't call it beautiful. For people sleeping in their vehicles it seems to be an OK place to stay. For people sleeping in tents (like us), it's not so great. We were there on a Saturday night and there were cars coming and going until about midnight. They allowed us to put our tent on the small terrace so we didn't have to sleep in the parking lot. It was a cheap (75 pesos/person) place to stay in an expensive city.

Best place we've stayed. Great owners, hot showers, beautiful view, and short walk into central Guanajuato. MXN 150$/night. Small fruit stand down the road with great produce too. Not at all big rig friendly so if you have a massive RV somewhere else would be better. Electric and water (non potable) at sites.

Un lugar encantador ya que esta a 10' del centro, es recomendable para llegar a este RV park utilizar la carretera panoramica ya que es mas facil de acceder. Nosotros vamos con un motorhome de 6,20 mts. Tiene todos los servicios.

The iconic spot you see in everyone's instagram feed..

Pretty awesome camp actually. Like everyone says, it's basically a private parking lot behind some guy's house, but it has water and plugins as well as pretty decent bathrooms with hot water for $150 pesos/night. Quick walk into town through the tunnel and of course, a killer view of Guanajuato.

I navigated here okay with a minivan via GPS thru town. Cant imagine bringing something much bigger, although there is a truck/camper here now. Watch out for one-way streets. Last few hundred meters are 40° incline - keep in mind for driving and walking. Parked at top of hill where dude wanted 10p/hr. Period. Morrill is down hill a bit abd indeed a parking lot for family, nearby residents. Great view to be sure. One outlet working, in women's bathroom.

As stated by other iOverlanders, nice place within walking distance to center of Guanajuato. Hot showers, clean bathrooms, no wifi, excellent LTE reception. Access via Panoramico rd for larger rigs. Low hanging wires - we're 3.5 meters tall and brushed against them on a few occasions.

As described.

Parking-Lot in walking distance to down town. Bathrooms are old but ok. Water and Electricity on site.

Pretty cool spot, definitely a bargain at $150/vehicle a night. Owners are friendly, cool view of town. hook ups available, hot showers & clean bathrooms. Barking dogs nearby can be noisy as hell at times, also other random neighborhood noises but it is what it is.

Pretty cool spot, definitely a bargain at $150/vehicle a night. Owners are friendly, cool view of town. hook ups available, hot showers & clean bathrooms. Barking dogs nearby can be noisy as hell at times, also other random neighborhood noises but it is what it is.

Secure with great access to the city. Paid 150 for 2 ppl and a small rig. Hot showers and clean facilities. We were routed through the tunnels to get there and had a wild time between trying to navigate and drive while looking up in awe. Cool city. Lots of barking dogs at night. Had a great time chatting with the brewery guys up at Gambusino's brewery just 2-3 blocks up towards the Panoramica. Definitely a must if you're tired of Victoria, Corona and Modello :)

we payd $150 pesos for a smal rig. Bud, there is hot water in the bathroom.

We didn't love it. Great views, walking to town but they wouldn't turn on the hot water for showers and wanted to charge extra for our fig. The first night the locals who park there were milling about and coming and going all night. Second night was better. Ironically enough, the barking dogs weren't a bother at all! 130/night( with refusing to pay more for Aspen)

Very nice and safe campground. Brewery up the street is great, we can only recommend. It's a 15min walk to the historic center. Once you come down the hill, walk straight through the tunnel and you are in the center. There are electric hookups (which look sketchy but work) and water faucets at the sites. We had hot showers, seems like the owner had to turn it on. There is light in the bathroom, the switch can be hard to find. We paid 130pesos/night the first 3 nights and then extended for a week to go to language school. Price went down to 100/night.

tried to camp at this park and we couldn't get through the roads in 20ft rv and a truck camper with a small tent trailer. the wires are low hanging and the campsite is very small. larger vehicles may want to check the roads before driving through. we came in off the 110 and took the panoramica but still couldn't make it.

Previous comments about trying to finagle the owners out of money and that it's not worth any money are a bit mind blowing.

Electricity at your site. Decent bathrooms. Corner stores where you can buy water, beer, smokes, etc. very close, and you're within walking distance to Guanajuato?! Beautiful view. There's a craft brewery up the hill (go to the top, maybe 2 blocks, not far, make a right, it's on the left at the first street).

Awesome owners. We didn't haggle at all and were charged 110 MXN / night for all 5 of us. Haggling seems to have hurt the others.

Bargain bargain bargain and try to make the best deal! The place does not worth any money, its just a parking lot. We managed to pay 130 per day but we stayed 9 days in total. Other than that, cold showers, no light in the toilets, total run down BUT safe and near the town. DONT DO the mistake to drive through the town. Check your route and take the Panoramica! No big rigs at all. Only for VWs, pick ups with motorhomes and off course motorbikes!

Make sure that you approach this overnight place downhill, coming from the Panoramica road. Then it is easy. If you come uphill, it is VERY steep and difficult to enter the place.
It is a place full of parked cars, many of them wrecks. But the location is very convenient, and the bathrooms are clean.

We loved this place. They have a dump and access to water plus a great view! It's a short 15 minute walk into the center and Guanajuato is a fantastic city! We paid 150/night for three night. IF YOUR HAVE A BIGGER RIG or simply get nervous driving steep narrow two way stress you want to enter from.the North off Panaramica it looks like it's annoyingly long but I promise it's not.

Seems to remain the only spot to camp walking distance from centro historico. Paid 75 pesos.

140 pesos/night for 2 people. Nice lady. Gate is closed at 11pm. Walk into town takes approximately 15 minutes. Had a really good stay! Really beautiful city! I would definitely recommend a visit.

Convinently close to the center of the city with picturesque view. RV/residents parking lot. Ok restrooms with cold showers. Electrical hook-ups. Not easy to get too specially big/long rigs. Lots of dogs barking at night but we didn't mind it.

RV Park / Residents parking lot. Nice view if the city. Restrooms. Cold showers. 15 min walk to the city center.

Great little RV park ... Not the easiest to find .. If you have problems just ask at one of the many tourists booths on the edge to the city , we paid 140pesos per night , no issues with barking dogs.. Manager very nice .. Easy walk into town ... For 140pesos it's a great deal ... Hot showers ... Use it or loose it ...

The best about this place is the location. The RV park itself is more a parking lot with a bathroom. Don't let your GPS guide you here, better us the big road around the city and drive the last few meters against the one way road.

We went here to camp but did not stay here, because we did not think it was safe to leave our gear here if we would visit the town. During the day the place is used as parking lot by neighbours. The gate is open all day without any security. Great place if you are in a van, not so ideal for tent camping. (We ended up staying at Hotel Independencia in town)

Stayed here for two nights and paid 140 MXN per night. Showers with a lot of hot water and clean like the other facilities. We had no problems with barking dogs during the night. The city center is in walking distance and the Falafel restaurant definitively worth a visit.

Great little spot. We set up our tent here for a few days. It's outside of the center of the city, but you stay on a side of the city that is more authentic than the city center. You also get a beautiful view of the city. Showers and bathrooms. Dogs are barking all night long, but it's part of the charm. Owner is very friendly

No signs indicating the name of this place. Just a few trailer signs. Owner lives on-site and quoted us a rate of 150 pesos/night. We talked him down to 140 pesos, since we didn't need any electricity. Bathrooms and showers were very clean; owner was mopping floors during our stay. Guanajuato is definitely a city of barking dogs, but it was off and on. Earplugs worked just fine. The view from the site is great!

We stayed there for our first night in GTO. The owner is friendly and the price is normal. We especially liuked the hot showers and the view. At night, you hear lots of dogs bark. The next night, we moved to the "presa de la olla", where you can park for free.

Great and I think only option for camping in the city. We are enjoying ourselves in this amazing town of guanajuato

140 pesos... Great owner, great location

Bathroom is clean but no TP. We are tent camping with two motorcycles and a dog. Charged 100 pesos per person per night. Don't know if higher due to holiday weekend, rates increasing or just cause they felt like it. No one here when we arrived and we were partially set up so no real way to bargain and our Spanish is poor. The location is fantastic for walking into town. Vehicles safe. It is essentially a grass car park and does fill up at night, clearly the primary business. It is no joke about dogs barking so use ear plugs. For a secure place to camp in the city it is a reasonable deal because we found lodging that included parking in the city to be expensive for our budget.

Great location, and the host is very friendly. Cold showers, lots of dogs barking, and it's a bit tough to find. We came right through the city and didn't have too much trouble, but we were in a jeep, so it was easy to maneuver. I'd say the electrical outlets don't work but I'm not willing to try to find out. The view is great, and Guanajuato is an amazing city. Don't expect too much from this campground and you won't be disappointed. We paid 140 pesos. 3.5 stars on location and view. Also, the easiest way to get downtown from here is to walk all the way to the bottom of the hill, stay to the left at the bottom, and at the round a bout go left through the Santa Fe tunnel. This brings you right to the center of town.

Clean and well looked after campsite in a great location. Our truck is 24 foot long, but it is wider, taller and heavier than most RVs that size. Getting onto the site in our truck was pretty awkward, but it is certainly possible, and didn't involve any reversing . The gate at the entrance to the trailer park is probably the limiting factor on the longest RV which could gain access, but height should also be considered. At 3.55m tall, my awning was rubbing against the tensioning cable running underneath the power lines; anything taller would be impossible without a stick to raise the cable.

Excellent when it comes down to location, walking distance to historical center. A little pricy , 70 pesos/person in 2014, showers with cold water most of the times unless you complain to the owner.

This is more of a parking lot, but if you can get in here, you have great access to central Guanajuato, as well as a beautiful view. To access this place, make sure that you stay on the access road that goes around the city. Do NOT let your GPS route you through the middle of the city (it is a nightmare).

PROS: nicest park manager ever, one of our favorite views from a campsite, water and electric hookups (not at all sites). hot showers – CONS: dogs barking all night long (this is not a joke, other overlanders have recorded the cacophony that is Guanajuato at night)- 140 pesos per night

Official Camping for 140Pesos/night. Was super loud, stupid alarm in one of the parked cars there was going 5x a night and 100s of dogs barked the WHOLE night. Cold shower, sockets life-threatening, it was definitely not worth it!

Grassy parking overlooking Guanajuato. Looked like there were old hookups but not sure if they were still functioning. Clean bathrooms but no hot showers, the owner was extremely sweet and invited us on multiple occasions if we wanted to shower in her home. Barking dogs at night and neighbors parked there, but overall a nice place.

It's a 20 minutes walk down the hill to the Centro Historico. The bathrooms are quite basic but clean. The showers were cold. Electricity / water / waste water at site. Great view of the opposite side with it's colorful houses.