San Miguel RV Park | Established Campground



Last Visited: about 1 month ago
GPS: 20.907136, -100.748983
Altitude: 1897.0 masl
Place Website:


Electricity: Yes - At Sites
Wifi: Yes - Average
Kitchen: No
Restaurant: No
Showers: Hot
Water: Non-Potable
Toilets: Running Water
Big Rig Friendly: No
Tent Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes
Sanitation Dump Station: Yes

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Great place to rest and stay a couple of nights. Very quiet. We came in with a 22 feet long rv.
From the outside the place looks like a private home when the gate is closed. (We missed the entrance the first time !) Gate has the numbers 14 and 12 on it.
Easy walk to town center.


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Great spot to camp when visiting SMA. The owner is very friendly, we had the place to ourselves courtesy of Covid, a few ghost camper and left by owner who fled back home... we were tent camping and managed to find a shady spot right at the back of the campsite. It’s a popular spot for tennis players (mostly gringos) but quite at night and before 7:30 so no dramas getting a decent night sleep. Very safe place with locked gates (you get the key to enter at night) a few cars around so be aware, they feel very much at home on your camping chairs (or motorcycle seats in our case!) it’s not a cheap place but it right in town so all in, a very good option. Oh yeah, hot showers, WiFi, water and power... everything you might want!

Location is great and the park is well maintained with nice bathrooms, hot showers, strong wifi. Price is 380 pesos per night (small van, 2 adults).

Positive things first: Great location in town, very clean and tidy bathrooms. However, the person running this ace is extremely unfriendly. Trading the other reviews, I am not sure if it is just towards young people, but our experience was extremely unpleasant. The first encounter with the owner / manager on the street was already telling: First thing he told us:One condition: No showers, but you will have to pay the full price. When asking if we could bring our cat in, he just made disgusted noises. Friends of ours with a kid got told earlier that the kid needs to stay in the van at all times and was not allowed to play outside. When we asked the next day, of we could leave the vans until the afternoon, he only asked "what time?", and I answered with around 3 or 4 pm. He replied, give me an exact time, so I that 4. After that he replied with "Yes, but if you are one minute late, you will pay the full price for the next night". I think it just shows his character, nitpicking on useless details just to excert the little power he has aa a campground owner. As I said, the location is excellent to explore the town and I guess that is the reason why he is still in business, but don't expect to be treated friendly. (By the way, we planned to stay here with a group of friends over Christmas, so he could have earned a lot more, but after that impression we left the next day)

What a wonderful and fantastic place this is. It is In a fantastic location near everything. The owners are truly great people. If you are in the area please please stay here. There are approximately 12 spots

Traveling in our 22 ft rig with our 3 kids. They wouldn’t let us stay here. Only 2 people can stay. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Great location right in town. Very tidy though dusty. Toilets and showers good. Full hookups but our electricity failed after one day we assume because 6 more campers showed up. Suggest calling to reserve as they are full now but the owner says it fluctuates a lot. Recommend it and the town.

we stayed at both hotel San Ramon and here. This place is better unless you have a large rv or trailer. great place for small to medium sized RV. central location, good wifi, hot water, nice people, pay for 3 weeks,
get one week free. 50 peso tennis lessons for kids.

Love this place. Walk to everything. Clean bathrooms with hot showers, friendly English-speaking owners. 380 pesos per night with weekly and monthly rates. Wifi. Smaller rigs only.

Small RV Park with 12 Sites in the center of San Miguel. Fast WiFi, clean hot showers, quiet. Access road is very narrow with low cables but we made it with 12 ft high camper without problems. There are two gates to the RV park. The western entrance has no height limit. 380 Pesos: our most expensive night in Mexico so far.

Very nice place, a bit hard to find as Google Leads you to the beck door blocked by a parked car. The front gate is unmarked but big enough for large Overlanders.

We have tried to enter this campingground with our overland truck, but it was impossible. Our truck is 7.20 meters long, 2.50 meters wide and 3.65 meters high. The street to the campingground is too narrow with cars parked at one side and the entrance gate is too low. I can only recommend this campingsite to small campervans. Instead we drove 6 kilometers north to Hotel San Ramon.

Great central location, very safe and secure. Clean and functioning amenities. We were charged 380 per night. They are very cautious of potentially aggressive dogs. We would absolutely return.

We stayed for three nights there. Wonderful. The cats are NOT a problem.

Laundry service is every Friday & Monday: 240 $-Mex.

Stayed 3 nights, super clean bathrooms and hot showers. Full hook ups and probably the fastest wifi we have had so far during our 3 months in Mexico.
Quick walk to down town and lots of good food options near by. Paid 380 per night. Most expensive place we’ve stayed so far too.
Walking distance to a laundromat aswell.
Great place overall.

We stayed another 3nights here- at this time of the year on green grass...what a difference; still good and clean restrooms; the price is now 380Pesos/ night

Stayed 3 nights here, wonderful location, and full hookups. WiFi was fast, bathrooms cleans, showers hot. $350 pesos per night. Recommended. 👍

We stayed 2 nights at this lovely place. 15 minutes walk to the historical center...perfect. Hans is a nice and caring host. Reading the comments about Cats, Rats and dogs we had mixed feelings coming here....but had no such experiences. As our (big) dog has never learned to bark at or hunt other animals we had no problems with the (2) cats. Using a leash goes without saying at a place like this as respect for other guests. We have not seen any rats and the 2 cats suffer from a skin problem and are voluntarily taken to the vet by Hans as the cats are not his. Toiletts and Showers look quite new and are perfectly clean. We can really recommend this little Green Oasis in the City. During our stay in low season we were 3 big rigs on the site and price was 350 Pesos per night and vehicle.

Stayed another 3nights and had a calm& relaxed time in the beautiful center of SMA; we highly recommend the Thai Restaurant at the corner close by the campground

01.05.19 - 08.05 19 For 7 days we paid 2,100 pesos (300 pesos / day) Then we wanted to stay 5 days longer and then should pay 1,750 pesos (350 pesos / day). Since it was not 7 days. We are angry and are off to San Ramon. Also a nice campsite in San Miguel.

We stayed 4 nights and had a very calm time here; this campsite is perfect for exploring the town and very well maintained; the restrooms are very tidy and staff is also very friendly- we felt very welcome. We paid 400Pesos the first night and 350Pesos the others

Attention if you have a dog that doesn’t like cats! This isn’t the place for you! Our big dog barked at a cat as we pulled in and we were kindly asked to leave. Which is cool, and we were happy to go elsewhere, but just a heads up.

This is the worst campground we’ve been to in Mexico in the five weeks we have been here. Perhaps if you have an RV or a Van with indoor living it would be fine.

400MEX per night no matter your requirements. The owner wasn’t friendly, he has a monopoly in town and acts on that. If you have the money in your budget for hotels/Airbnb’s this is a good city to dip into that fund. He will lower the price for stays longer than 1 night.

FOR DOG OWNERS: dogs must be kept on leash at all times. There are stray cats that the owner likes. They are diseased and they pee’d, pooped and sprayed everything of ours. Apparently they did not bother the non dog owners.

FOR OVERLANDERS WITH OUTDOOR KITCHENS: this place is dirty and dusty and there are stray cats and rats around. Lots of pee and poop on the dirt ground (no grass). Cooking outside here is questionable.

Showers are hot but so are the ones at gas stations :)

Great place to rest and stay a couple of nights. Very quiet. We came in with a 22 feet long rv.
From the outside the place looks like a private home when the gate is closed. ( we missed the entrance the first time !)
Easy walk to town center.

Tried to get there but if you are higher than 3,50meters, I wouldn’t recommend you enter the city due to low wires. We tried to reach this place but got stuck. We ended at the RV/hôtel outside the city.

Great camping in this tennis court/rv park. Perfect for visiting town, but only for up to 25feet due to small streets. One gate is for lower vehicles and one for taller vehicles. We are 3m20 high and fit through both gates. Very friendly owner and the best facilities so far.. pick-up and drop-off laundry service if you want Friday’s and Monday’s!! Perfect location!!

No way to go there with big rig!!! Don't try.
I went to this place by walking to see the place, seem to be closed, but not sure.

Well, we still haven't left! Great little no frills "RV Park" with friendly owners, clean and lovely bathrooms, super hot showers with amazing water pressure and PRIME location to explore the town! We intended to only stay 1 night and we've been here for 4 so far... Hans the owner is incredibly helpful - we needed an oil change and he called a guy to come to the camp and change it for us $49.95 USD total! It was great! We have a really tall van so even getting it changed in the states is tricky. Fantastic neighborhood - tons of great little markets and restaurants! For camping in the city this is as good as it gets!

Great spot, close to the center. Easy to get to with our 21ft mini motorhome (wouldn’t recommend much bigger though). You’re looking for nr. 12. During the day you can open the door of the gate by pulling the string. Ring the bell of the office to your right. You have another gate you can enter through. This one is better because you don’t have height restrictions. If you can, wait with your rig there so you avoid having to do another block. Great bathrooms!

Pretty nice setting as commented before. However felt a bit like a long term camp spot for retired US/canadian citicians :). We paid 350pesos/night. The town is pretty touristy but also really beautiful.

The best RV Park ever. Fast internet, great showers, helpful owner and regulars that are fun to talk to

Rv Park and tennis club
Excellent bathrooms with powerful hot showers. Nice host speaks English and very helpful. Checked in for 2 nights but will stay longer. 330 peso per night. The place is clean and green and easy walk to old town centre. 10 to 20 min depending on where you are going. Very special town at night and some very good European restaurants. Google maps took us to the side gate for big rugs which is shut and has a bell. Smaller rigs go another 50 m to the new big gate with the arch where the reception is. Enjoy the park and town! We changed big rig to yes as there are 2 MAN here. And pets to yes as there are 2 cats with one of these rigs. WiFi is fast and there is a kitchen sink for wash up AND recycling bins!

We came for 5 days and stayed for 7. Would be a little cramped if full, but has clean hot showers and toilets, power, sewer and and water at each stand, and fast Wifi. Above all, you can walk the city from here

Highly recommended. Our stay here was very enjoyable: Clean bathrooms, hot showers, reliable internet, and close proximity to town center (5-7 min. walk). Owners, whom we found to be very friendly and accomodating, keep the grounds well maintained. 350/night; discounts apply for longer stays. NOTE: Vehicles over 7 meters in length may have significant difficulty negotiating narrow streets and tight turns leading to canpground.

RV park next to some tennis courts. There are two places on the end of the park with a little private space, the other places are very small. A few permanent residents, you have the possibility to store your vehicle. Paid 350 Pesos wich is to much. Bathrooms are clean with hot showers and the wifi is o.k.. You should not even think about going into the street in the wrong direction, because of many parking cars!! The circle around is not to bad.

DO NOT STAY HERE! They by policy do not care whether you will have to sleep in the street & have no concern for safety. I made a reservation 1 mos. in advance & arrived to find they allegedly close at 6 pm which is nowhere listed on their website. I pleaded with the woman who finally answered the bell to just open the gate & she refused so we had to sleep on the street in our RV in dangerous conditions. I went back in the morning to talk to the manager & he said 80% of his guests arrive in the day & that he didn't care if 20% of his guests were stranded at night with nowhere else to go. I said this was not safe for travellers to be stranded at nite in the street but he said there were worse dangers in Mexico. I've never left a bad review for anything, but feel an obligation to warn others, these people by policy regularly screw over & strand guests. He said there were many others who had my same experience of being stranded but that he didn't care & would not list his no after dark check in on his website. These ppl do not care about your safety & are flat out mean uncaring ppl. Stay elsewhere!

Wonderful location.
You enter off San Antonio but the gps coordinates are for inside the gates so we missed it the first time and then had to circle around which is a bit stressful but if you are prepared and patient, it’s worth it.
WiFi is great. Bathrooms clean and hot showers.
Walking distance to park with playground, cathedral, public library, toy museum and Institute Allende.
Tennis are on clay courts, they book up fast.
You can also pay $36 pesos for potable water.

Very nice and quiet campground in the center of the town. Clean and large bathrooms. Water sewer and electricity at site. Good Wi-Fi.
The access can be difficult for large vehicule but the owner who was very friendly helped us to enter. Our RV is a 22 feet long.
400 pesos per night for a family of 4 people (350 pesos for 2 People plus 50 pesos for children more than 12).

Owned by fantastic Canadian couple. Del and Katherine were wonderful hosts. They went above and beyond helping us

Price went up to $350/night. (we paid $160 in Guanajuato for a pretty similar spot) still very dog unfriendly. I mentioned that I thought the price was a bit steep and he just brushed me off. He's a nice enough guy and the bathrooms are clean but the WiFi is slow and there's not much else to justify the price. I honestly think you could probably just park on the street at SM seems very safe.

location is pretty good and seems to have quite a few longer term residents.

Nice little campground conveniently located and well equipped (there's even purified water on site). Expensive @ MEX$ 300 for two people in a small camper (weekly and monthly rates and long term parking available).

Well, the guy is just not friendly at all. He doesn't like dogs and kids but except that, everything is perfect to visit this nice city. 300$ Defoe 2 adults and 3 small kids.

Not a great place for us. The owner wanted to charge us 400 pmx because our daughters are 12 and 15. Big trucks paid 300 pmx. Our truck is only 5m60 and without air cond impossible to bargain. Unfriendly owner Very expensive for What it looks like. We left. We went to the free point with à very good Wind perfect for two days and a night.

Very rude guy who didn't let us enter because it was...7h30 pm ???? He told me he didn't know if the street was safe because he wasn't useful to sleep in the street...he left without saying good by.

We spent one week beginning of April in this great, calm, agreable recreational vehicle park and can recommend it if you want to visit San Miguel, or need to catch up with some internet work, or just want a break from driving, or, ... Friendly owners, private bathroom, hot showers, clean, good WiFi. We were lucky and benefitted from the shade under the trees of one of the few places with natural shade and view on the church :)

We found the owner and his mother very nice and accommodating. 300pesos for 2 adults and 2 kids. Our older son took tennis lessons a couple times a week by a very nice Mexican man who speaks English, too. Great place to explore this town from.

Close walk to the center of town. RV parking located in-between the two tennis courts. Not big rig friendly. 300MXN a night....seems a little pricey for what you're getting. Showers, Electric at sites, Water (non potable), WIFI - average/good speed.

Very nice place in the center of the city. Highly recommended. Paid $300 for 2 adults and 2 kids in a truck camper.

As described. It is not easy to find.
But they where unfriendly when we had the dog not at once on the leash. He said otherwise we could leave at the moment!

We spend here four weeks. Its direct in town, easy walk into the city and a short bike ride to the la comer. Its easy to catch a taxi to go to the Tuesday market. The gate is a little bit tricky for larger RVs. Our RV is 24feet and it was a challenge to get in and out. The price is ok for what you get. The bathrooms are clean and have good showers. You are surrounded by different tennis courts. Our son takes lessons for three weeks with an other kids group. We took spanish lessons at the campground, ask the owner. And be sure, you will meet some other overlanders.
The negativ thing is: the noise in town from the church bells and the fireworks at this time of the year. Dogs are allowed, but they have to be at the leash all the time. For kids there is not a lot of space to play and run around but there is a very nice playground ca. 600m away in the park.

We were there for Christmas and we had a nice Christmas-Party with all other travelers. The RV Park is in walking distance to down town and markets. Restrooms an showers are clean and up to date. WIFI is good.

We have a 25 foot Class C RV. It is a very tight fit in and out of the campground but very worth it. (Hans will help guide you in and out.) The location and facilities are great. We paid 6000 pesos for a month.

Stayed 6 nights here. Really nice place. Clean bathrooms, nice hot showers. Good wifi. Easy walking distance to the center of town.

This is a kind of unique combo of a trailer park and tennis courts but it's really well located and about a 15 minute walk to the square. Lots of restaurants and markets nearby, friendly staff, and nice bathrooms with super hot water. Wifi is good, can pretty easily stream video. Of course there are church bells, roosters, and the occasional barking dog but it's Mexico. We'd definitely stay here again.

Great place if you are looking for a place in the city. Paid 300$ for 2 adults and 2 childrens. Be careful with big rv. We have a 26 feet and it was quite an adventure to get in. Bathrooms are clean and there is hot shower.

Nice place, also for big rigs

Love this place! Empty this time of year so really peaceful while still being walking distance to everything. Paid 280mx /night with 7th night free. Great bathrooms. A little hard to see gate on tiny street so best to park in front of the church and walk to check in so the can open the gate. Friendly family owned

great of the few right in walking distance to a great city. Clean, best showers we've had in a while, nice owners, walking distance to everything. Really quiet for in town. Church bells but they didn't bother us. We paid 280mx /night.

Really clean and tidy campsite, the bathrooms are immaculate with good showers! Has fill and dump at every campsite. there is a bookswap area too. the church is lit up at night and is a beautiful view from the campsite. it's very tight and small gate to arrive in on a one way Street but we did it in a 20ft rv so it's manageable! although expensive it was well maintained. please note the tennis courts are an extra 85pesos per hour.

Very nice RV park with clean private restrooms with nice hot showers, sink for washing dishes, full hook-ups 10 min from the center of the city. Lots of good places to eat close by. Close snd secure. Friendly owner. 300 pesos a night. Not cheap but it's a comfortable, quiet clean place.

clean well maintained. entered via back gate. tight narrow streets but close to El centro. 300pesos a night; 7th free. fast Wi-Fi and hot showers. attached photo of front gate under repair. good Wi-Fi. there is laundry service on Mondays and Fridays.

Nice clean camping spot , good facilities but pricey $300p .. Like many other travellers we have met have said after Guanajuato, San Miguel is like Disneyland ... We moved on after one night ..

They are currently working on the main gate (gps coordinates). There is another gate in front of a small restaurant selling "carnitas", very near the church square (same street, about 70mt before coordinates). This gate is always closed, so someone has to go to the office to ask for the gate to be opened. Hope it helps :)

Really nice place, expensive but al works great. Great bathrooms and right in town. It is hard to find, follow the map in the website there is a little sing in the door that has a drawing of an RV.

Great RV park! Excelent bathrooms, clean, hot showers, pricey! (300pesos per night) but worth it very close to town

We have been here since October 12 and will leave November 27 (Spanish classes at Warren Hardy and exploring). Excellent location (15 minutes walk to centro), very fast wifi, very clean, 3 bathrooms with hot showers, outdoor kitchen sink area (laundry) and friendly owners. Yes, tennis is played on amazing clay courts, but they don't start until 9 and there is a very tall hedge giving privacy to the sites. Yes, the church bells start their ringing at 7, but are somewhat muted in the middle of the night. I prefer that to barking dogs all night. Organic market every Saturday is 1 block away on Ancha San Antonio; excellent cheese shop on the corner; tamales a couple of blocks away. Each site has electricity, sewer hookup and water (low pressure). We paid around 6000mx for one month and then added a couple of weeks at about 1600 per week. Not that expensive when we considered location and cleanliness. We will likely return on our way home in March.

Campground right in San Miguel. A busy place with many overlanders and some snowbirds. The WiFi works great and the showers are clean. M$300

$300 a night. Nice place but very expensive.

Great clean garden to park your RV in. We were 24ft and only just managed to squeeze in! Best place we have stayed in so far ..... Recommended

Really nice place to stay. Friendly, helpful english speaking owner. Super fast wifi, clean bathroom, hör shower. Good Wallung distance to City center. We would have stayed longer if we had had more time. The only thing is the cat poop on the grass which is not so nice if you are travelling with a baby. So watch your steps every now and then ;)

A bit tricky to find since there is no sign - we got lucky as the owner's son happened to walk out the gate as we were parked in the street trying to find the place. The campsite was just barely big enough for our large tent, Range Rover, and a place to cook and sit. Shower was awesome. It must have been a festival time because we were woken at 5am by church bells and firecrackers. After weeks in Guatemala and southern Mexico, it was great to find not one, but several decent wine shops.

A bit tricky to find since there is no sign - we got lucky as the owner's son happened to walk out the gate as we were parked in the street trying to find the place. The campsite was just barely big enough for our large tent, Range Rover, and a place to cook and sit. Shower was awesome. It must have been a festival time because we were woken at 5am by church bells and firecrackers. After weeks in Guatemala and southern Mexico, it was great to find not one, but several decent wine shops.

Always welcoming and helpful. Price 280 non-negotiable, but 7th night free. Asked for a mechanic and next morning was there for an oil change.

Nice campground, very clean restrooms, electricity. Wifi didn't work when we stayed there. 260 MXN/night.

Excellent stay. Electricity and potable water at each site. Clean bathrooms and hot showers. 280 pesos/night, owner would not negotiate.

Very good Paid $280 pesos/ night

Bathrooms very clean.
Very fast Wifi.
Helpful staff.
Nice city, but not as nice as we expected - touristy and expensive...
High priced place to stay, should be much cheaper...

Stayed 6 nights at the SM RV park / tennis courts. As mentioned below, tennis starts early. We were there during the Guadalupe celebrations and the church bells were pretty incredible...all night long. This place is very well kept, right in the middle of the city, with full hook ups and pretty good wifi.

Not much changed in a year here, still one of the best camping spots in Mexico.

Cost: 280 pesos per night
Dates stayed: 16-21 November 2014
This is an RV park/tennis club in the center of town. The primary business is the tennis club and there are many long-term stay in the RV park. It is small with only 12 spots. We had spot 6 which was excellent for tent camping because it included a covered area, table/chairs, and a counter top that we were able to set up as a kitchen. Downside is there are many feral cats that some of the RV people are feeding and then took it upon themselves to pee on our stuff. The wifi is excellent and the owner speaks English. We emailed with them prior to arriving and he had reserved the spot 6 for us because it is the best one for tent camping.

Location location location. Awesome site. Friendly helpful English speaking owners. Minutes walk to the centre. Paid 280P per night

Nice campground close to the middle of the city. We ended up staying two weeks. A little pricey , but you get a free night if you pay six. The fastest internet in Mexico.

A combo RV Park + Tennis club near central San Miguel de Allende with full hookups, private bathrooms, and a friendly owner who is very helpful. We spent over a week here while taking spanish lessons (ask the owner) and exploring San Miguel.

we loved SMA and the location of this RV Park, we stayed for two weeks in 2013 and came back for another week in 2014 – PROS: great location, mostly clean bathrooms with hot showers, super fast free wifi, water and electric hookups – CONS: small so you are pretty close to your neighbors if the park is full, tennis gets started early, they do not clean the bathrooms or refill toilet paper on the weekends – 1680 MXN/week, if you stay 3 weeks your next week is free. ALSO, they gave us a nice discount for coming back a second time, bonus!! - NOTE: if you have a dog who occasional barks and is larger than 12 pounds, it could be viewed as aggressive (even if she has no teeth and is afraid of everything) and you may be asked to leave if any of the tennis players are afraid of said dog. Just a warning...

Clean Showers & toilets & wifi & close to town

Very nice RV park surrounded by tennis courts and only a few blocks from San Miguel Allende Centro. Grass pads, electricity, very nice bathrooms with hot showers, fast and free wifi. Randomly timed church bells woke us up early.

Price: $20.50/night

Good place, not always quiet, electricity, water, dumping, night Peso 260 -. 10 minutes walk to the Centro. 25 peso taxi to the Centro - to 35 -. To All. WiFi.

Tennis Curt Weber, Callejon de San Antonio 12

The benefits of this campground is that you can walk to the center in 10 minutes, and that you will meet other European Overlanders by high chance. Electricity / water / waste water at site. Clean and very nice toilets, fast WIFI. Compared to other campgrounds quite expensive.

(Usually 260 pesos / day, discount for one week: pay 6, 1 day for free)