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Last Visited: about 2 years ago
GPS: 17.25063, -88.76314
Altitude: 58.0 masl


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Self service laundry in Belmopan. Next to Peppers Pizza. Top loaders and dryers cost 4.75 BZ$ each. Service available. Open until 8pm.


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Prices are still the same, the guy didn’t seem to care much about anything and was all the time on his phone. Machines were alright and I specifically asked if the driers worked well because we were washing our sheets, he said yes and when I went to get the sheets from the machine, some were still humid/wet and he told me I should have checked regularly! I asked him if I can put an extra 15min because it was 19:50 (so 10min to closure time) and said he would love to but his boss was strict with closure time, I insisted a little bit telling him that those were my kids sheets and we needed them for tonight and he didn’t care. I finished folding my clothes at 20:20, waiting for him to come out , I even waited an extra 5 min. I could have done a full drying cycle(!) but he didn’t come out! After 10 more minutes he quickly closed the door and never came out the front door...if you need to wash your clothes well it’s a cheap option, do everything yourself and beware about the dryer if you have sheets...!

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Terrible staff. It was on the first time, but the second the guy arrived 1 hour late at the opening, no apologize and explained me for 30 minutes he was buying clothes... awesome prices... blabla bla... i wasn’t concentrated at all and didn’t press well on the button of drying, when I came back 45 minutes later he told me, that was my fault, I am stupid, I will have to pay for it...
well, the manager shown up and tried to clear the situation and apologized for this d*** and asked me to tell her everything he said because it is he has this behavior with other clients.

So... I definitely don’t recommend it !

I add photos to give you and idea of the place and also the price in september 2018

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perfect service - you can wash yourself or they do. big machines and tumbler/ dryer. we had a problem with our down sleeping bags and they solved it immediately

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Opens around 10am during the week. 11am on Sundays

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Self service laundry in Belmopan. Next to Peppers Pizza. Top loaders and dryers cost 4.75 BZ$ each. Service available. Open until 8pm.

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