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At Peroto Moreno 221. Self service laundry with washing machines (small load up to 7kg: 120 Pesos, big load up to 13kg, 45min cycles) and dryers for 120 pesos, 25 minutes.

very big and busy self service laundry with 24 washing machines and 14 dryer. open Mon. till Friday from 9 to 12 am and 15.30 to 20.30 pm. Saturday open 09:00-21:00 (no lunch break)


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Máquina grande 800 pesos e pequena 500 pesos. Pra secar, 500 pesos.

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Good and cheap self service laundry:
350 little washing machine / 550 big one
350 for drying

We think it’s a really good option!

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Price update : 180 small washing machine; 180 dryer

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Very easy. A woman explains you everything. A „small“ loaf is the size of a regular washing machine, don’t know what „big“ is. Very fast. Price contains washing powder, fabric softener and another fluid. No WiFi available, but clean bathrooms.

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Big load (up to 12 kg): 200 ARS
Small load (up to 7 kg): 120 ARS
Dryer (25 mins): 120 ARS

Super friendly and helpful staff. We did a big load and split it into two dryers. Needed just one drying cycle. Great value in our opinion. We can highlight recommend this place.

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closed on Saturday and Sunday closed door!

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prix actuel : lavage :120 ars (45mn) / séchage : 120 ars (25mn) / très grande machine : 200 ars.
on fait tout nous même

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Price is now 120 pesos for a small machine (45 minutes) and 120 pesos for drying (25 minutes). The rest hasn’t changed.

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Prices are now 90 pesos for washing and 90 pesos for drying.

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A load of washing (chico - 30 Min.) is now 90 Peso incl. wash detergent. Dryer is another 90 Peso for 25 Minutes.

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opening hours mo- fr 9.00- 12.00 and 15.30- 20.30, saturday 9.00-21.00. washing machine capacity: 7 kg. 90/60/30 degree and cold washing. each 70 pesos including washingpowder. 40 minutes. dryer is 25 minutes and costs aswell 70 pesos.
very helpful and nice staff.

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Wäsche waschen & trocknen, eine grosse Maschine voll waschen u. trocknen AP 180.- (Mittagspause von 12 - 15:30h)

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70 for 7kg, 110 for 12kgs, drier 70 for 25 mins

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At Peroto Moreno 221. Self service laundry with washing machines (70 Pesos, 45min) and dryers.

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